Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sorry mom, but this blog is not about meeting your needs

I honestly don't have anything to say about my kids today. Or yesterday, really. Yesterday morning I was crabby with Patrick before he left for work, which I usually feel bad about later. I did and he forgave me but I still felt kind of blah all day. Even though I got to go hang with my friends that I hadn't seen in weeks! Sorry, friends. It was me, not you. ;)

Last night I went to get my hair cut and that was fun. It's nothing major, just a wee trim & shaping but it feels good. I'm going to color it again tomorrow night. (p.s. that means I won't be washing it tomorrow morning. just a (dirty) heads up.) I also went to Whole Foods and got some "healthy" treats for the kids' Easter baskets. Whole Foods is like Target to me...I can't leave without spending at least $50. I got them a few different things (besides the yummy bunnies I ordered them and will blog about soon) so I could leave the Twizzlers, Peeps & Skittles for my parents. Okay, I'm lying. I did get them 1 skittle egg each at Target today. Yes, I went to Target today, too. I could have taken an adorable picture of Rubes with her tiny vanilla scone & coffee but didn't have my camera. SHE WAS SO GOOD. We stayed at Target, browsing, for 1.5 hours. It was a nice little outing.

I just finished walking with Leslie again. I got a new DVD from the library and was able to complete 3 miles with her in 37 minutes. She doesn't bring in the weights until Mile 4 on this tape so that's when I quit. That is a good work out. Let no one scoff at Leslie in my presence from this day forward. (not that anyone ever has. just sayin'.)

Okay, I guess I do have a lot of little stuff to say but it's all about ME. Yesterday was a fun mail day. I don't get fun mail very often so it was EXTRA fun. My dear cousin Sarah sent me a note and a little 3 pack of moleskine-like notebooks that I adore. And then Sheree, who runs the Food Allergy group here in Madison and blogs here, sent me some free samples of a new safe gummy candy. Nice. I am cheap so I'm saving them for the Easter baskets. Or should I say cheep? ba dum bum.

This weekend was fairly good. I was in an unhappy pms-y state about some unfinished things around the house on Saturday but (quite healthily, I might add) channeled that aggression into things I could do. Can't paint the kitchen today but I can clean the oven! Can't fix this faucet but I can wash this dusty shelf! Can't fix that shelf that just broke while I was washing it (not. kidding.) but I can have a brownie! Oh wait, I'm on Weight Watchers now so I could only have half a brownie. It was enough. I also got our bills paid and made some cupcakes so I felt pretty good by the time the day ended and Patrick returned with James. (but then felt bad again because he had spent over $70 on things like Air Hogs and encyclopedias but then got over it because I had just spent $60 on Weight Watchers online sign up and so what if we couldn't pay our water bill until Wednesday?)

On Sunday I frosted said cupcakes (powdered sugar frosting is only one point!) (and yes, I am going to drive you nuts with the WW references until the (only one point) novelty wears off), brought James to a birthday party where I had to get in the pool with him (talk about fun, people!), got groceries, met Patrick & Ruby at church and stayed awake for the whole sermon. uff da. Makes me tired just thinking about it all.

So, because I have no other pictures, up above is how I track my points online. I've been kind of snacky today, don't you think? Well, duh. It's raining. I just took 2 chickens out of the oven and they look& taste SO GOOD. I used this recipe, omitting the 4-6 hours in the fridge before baking because I forgot. xoxo

p.s. the title refers to the snarky little comments my mom has been leaving on my last 2 blog posts. She is funny, that one. xoxo, ma.

there's a party in my tummy

Okay, laugh if you must, but we love us some joes that are sloppy. I first tried this recipe because the creator is from Sun Prairie and I always trust a WI girl when it comes to good food. I kept making it because it is so darn good.

I omit the onions and italian seasoning and usually halve this, using 20oz of ground turkey. They are SO GOOD.

Or maybe it's because I started Weight Watchers and I knew I could only have one (generous) joe if I still wanted that ice cream bar later. Naw...they've always been that good. Try it, you might like it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

he's fine

Just a quick update to let you guys know James is fine. He started fully walking this afternoon. Perhaps after he got sick of the tv. :) xoxo

file this under B

for bizarre. James' right leg started aching late yesterday afternoon but he was still using it just fine. He woke up in the middle of the night crying for Patrick to carry him to the bathroom. He isn't walking on it at all today. I gave him some tylenol, bananas, oj & water and he seems to feel a little better but is still not wanting to put any weight on it. The doctor's office said we should bring him in if it's still hurting tomorrow. How odd. We were at the mall yesterday and he played fine...I wonder if he strained it somehow? He has no swelling or redness so I don't think it's a blood clot or anything. (thanks for putting that scenario in my head, kate!) :)

It's going to be a nice day (55) and here we are stuck at home again! Not really, I've already told him I might have to stick him in the cart for a trip to Target or in the stroller for a walk. We'll probably just hang out in the yard with our new rain barrels, though. Above are some pictures from yesterday. The first one is Ruby, you might recognize her from previous posts. The next one is a chain of children at the mall...one little buddy was not in the frame. And the last one is Ruby and her pal, A. They are so cute together, especially when they talk to each other. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a new day

To fulfill the child quota, here is James from this morning. That boy is drawing all the time lately. All the time! I love it...it's so fun to see what he comes up with and it gives me a strange thrill to find him hunched in a corner with a notebook and a bunch of colored pencils.

And here, after nearly a year in the garage, are our rain barrels! We needed longer tubing than what they came with so they were finally ready to go last night. And they filled up! It wasn't even raining that hard but they both filled up. Crazy. We want to line our house with them. :) kidding. Patrick put off putting these out because he didn't like the way they would look. He wanted to bury them, get a pump...all this crazy stuff. I sweetly told him last week that I was going to pay to have someone else install them and, lo and behold, here they are. And he loves them. He wanted me to go outside last night, in the dark, in the rain, to see if they were filling up. I did and they were and then we made sweet rain barrel love right on top of them. (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I am kidding, I hope you know. It was raining!!)
Here is the apparatus. Now that both barrels are full it will route the water down the drain pipe as usual. The website is www.rainreserve.com if you're interested.
Now we are ready to water stuff! Bring it on, spring! Note: These pictures are not black and white. Our house is grey and it is grey outside today.

I realized last night, after stewing in my bedroom with a pile of oatmeal cookies and a scowl, that I have PMS. Oh, glory be! A reason! A reason for the gloom and doom besides the struggle of parenting 2 creepy children! And with just that simple realization, I was freed. Freed to scowl and grimace and grouch! Freed to eat oatmeal cookies and be sullen! At least for the rest of the evening. I am feeling better today, thank God.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

is it sickening in here or is it just me?

I think it's just me. The kids seem fine aside from the punching and snarling.

2 days in the house, straight, with 2 sick (ening) (ha!) kids is LONG.

James had a fever again last night so he couldn't go to preschool. It's raining so we can't go outside.

My sewing machine has been acting odd for months and I finally took it apart today. Really apart. It's pretty cool in there. I think the problem is the upper tension and I (obviously) can't tell what it needs just by looking at it. It appears to be tightening...just not enough. Needs some adjustment, probably. If the repair is costly (above $50) then I will most likely look into buying a new machine because mine probably isn't worth that much. Actually, this month's Consumer Reports rated the current version of my Kenmore model as a Best Buy. And it's only $120.00 new, at Sears. But I'd rather keep the one I've got so here's hoping for an inexpensive fix. But bringing it in will mean at least 2 weeks of no machine. boo hoo.

I could go on whining or I could go exercise. I'm going for the exercise...I really missed it last week. Man, that strep throat was a killer for me. It drained my energy for over a week. creepy.

Okay, I'm done. xoxo

p.s. the picture was taken a while ago on one of our lovely days.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Since we last spoke

a lot has happened.
  • I locked my keys in the van, with it running, in our garage
  • Ruby dumped LOTS of superfine embossing glitter all over my kitchen
  • Ruby told me she was tired at the dig and then laid down and slept in the cart for 2 hours
  • James came down with high fever
  • Patrick installed our tandem rain barrel system
  • I fainted in disbelief (ha!)
  • Ruby came down with high fever
  • Longest night ever
  • 2 kids diagnosed with strep throat
  • nice morning downtown (a whole lot nicer if Marigold wasn't closed on Sundays...but I do love the Starbucks oatmeal)
  • got to go to small flea market, thrift store, book store & grocery store by myself
  • my sister finished Doula school. She is now a Doula. How coola is that?! Yay Seester!!
  • home today with 2 cranky kids in 1 messy house
  • Ruby discovers jewelry (found baggie of it at the dig)
  • Ruby got at couch with a pen
  • Ruby spent quality time in her bedroom
  • googled how to get pen off of microfiber
  • planned trip to store to get rubbing alcohol

Friday, March 20, 2009

morning face

I love his puffy morning face.
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glittery mess

I was walking down my stairs this morning and spotted The Label Made Me Buy It, a fun book full of vintage labels that I've had for years, on my shelf, just sitting there. I checked on Amazon to make sure it wasn't worth a mint and then started cutting it up. After a moment of thought I decided to make color copies of the labels, so I could make more down the road if I wanted, and glitterize the copies.

If you know my Dad, you'll know why this one jumped (haha) out at me. I wish I had black glitter but the silver looks pretty cool. (I will now be paying special attention to that gorgeous sandy Martha Stewart glitter in every color.) My plan is to adhere this to some card stock for his Father's Day card. (sorry, dad, must sacrifice surprise in the name of blog content sometimes.)

The next one I chose was Meteor Lemons. Again, wish I had yellow but red worked out alright. James went with blue and green.

There is something so appealing about it.

(Until after you're done and you realize that it is everywhere.)

townie bar

Good morning! I am too lazy to go get my camera so I thought I'd share a few pics I took at our local watering hole a couple weeks ago. One of the many benefits to having friends right here in town. :)

I am doing some glittering this morning. I promised the kids if they left me alone for a half an hour that I would let them use the glitter. Oh no. I think I have craft schizophrenia. I have SO MANY ideas in my head and like to bounce from one to the next to the next. Easy ideas, that can be tried out in a half an hour or less, are my favorites these days. Quick fixes, if you will.

I might not be back later, Fridays are always unpredictable. If not, I wish you a happy weekend. xoxoxo
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

yesterday at the park

So practically all the kids in James' class met for a picnic after school yesterday. I was feeling tired but okay so I decided we would join them. I tried not to lick anyone or cough on any sandwiches and hope I did okay with that.

The kids had so much fun playing outside again. We stayed for about 3 hours...basically until the juice and cookies ran out. :) I was exhausted afterwards but felt really good. I think the fresh air and sunshine were good for me.

I am kind of tired again today but definitely feeling better. My sore throat is gone and the cold symptoms are diminishing. Patrick is going to see the Watchmen tonight after work so I am thinking ahead to dinner time...might be a trip to Noodles in our future.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

show & tell

Okay, here is some catching up business. My latest idea is to take these totes that always are at the thrift store (like ones from conferences and stuff) and make them cute. They sell them super cheap at the dig sometimes and last time they were on sale I scooped some up. Here was one of my first attempts. Ruby likes it. I used it for our lunch today and it now has grape juice on the back...no biggie...it cost a dime!
Here are some Hollyhocks coming up!!!
Here is our gopher (?) hole. I marked it so Ruby would quit asking me where it was. She asked me if we could bring him inside this morning. um. no.

Here's another one of those totes that I sewed a pocket on to.

And then I got this book from the library...
And stenciled this girl on to it. Would have been cuter if I wouldn't have messed up her neck. (click to see bigger...she has no neck)Oh yeah, and here's one more. This is sadly not a pocket. Not sure what I was thinking but I love this shape of the bag and this is some of my very favorite fabric. Will still use.
Here is Ruby showing off her jungle picture.
And here is something else I did...got some letter stamps and fabric paint. (I think I feel a new addiction coming on)

The kids, hard at work.
James. My little rambo. "You mess with the bull, you get the horns," he told me.

Look...he can tear a piece of Steam-a-Seam with his bare hands!!! (but I told him not to or he'd get my horns. that stuff is like gold when I am in a phase like this.)And here we have James fighting the bad girl, Ruby. This is totally an action shot and they are both wearing one half of his pajamas.
We had a really nice afternoon at the playground but now I am wiped out. I'll share some pictures tomorrow. Must rest so I continue to heal. xoxo (it's 69 degrees outside right now!!)

p.s. I've been doing some of this stuff for a while and just now got around to posting it. Have not done all of it while sick. (just some of it.) ;)

still here

I wanted to pop in and say hello before I go get James from school. We are going to stop by a local park to have lunch with some friends until I tire out. They have me covered for lunch...T. said she is bringing a lot of bologna. :)

It is a gorgeous day. gorgeous. I have lots more pictures I'll put up later when I have time to label them all. Here is James' jungle picture from the weekend, inspired by the new foam stickers. That is a little guy swinging from a vine. (by his neck, from the looks of it)


p.s. feeling slightly better, looking forward to afternoon nap.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hi my dear ones,

I have fallen ill (strep throat) and am currently being cared for by my husband. (who graciously stepped up and took the day off tomorrow so I can rest.) I got some antibiotics this afternoon so I should be feeling better soon. (they are particularly gut wrenching. swell.) I've actually had short periods all weekend when I haven't felt too awful but then, all of a sudden, I am weak & cold & achy & have to take to my bed. (oh, darn it!)

Since I am feeling good right now I could go on and on but I am stopping myself so Patrick doesn't reconsider his generous offer. And really, they are his kids too, so it shouldn't seem like that big of a deal for him to take a day off for me, but for some reason it does. And I'm so thankful. And so thankful that it doesn't seem like that big of a deal to him. Hmmmm. Maybe I should have tried this earlier?!

Have a happy Monday everyone! Hopefully I'll be back on Tues or Wed. xoxo

Friday, March 13, 2009

the house that james built, fleeing in desperation, and a dress

There are lots of porches on his house. A man after my own heart. Can you see him laying on his bed upstairs? I love, love, love when he draws pictures like this and then explains them to me. (Not that I don't love all the rainbows & triangles, of course.)

I feel lousy today and tomorrow is when we are supposed to leave for a week (?) up North visiting friends and family. ugh. I think I'll be fine, though. (hope, pray)

I stormed out of the house last night (James was being horrible again, Patrick made a disgusted noise about mushrooms in dinner, Stephanie was OUT OF THERE) and went to try on dresses for my sister's wedding. I'm the maid of honor, you know, and am totally honored. She wants us to wear all the same dress now (had been thinking different ones for each of us earlier) and our local David's Bridal had them all in stock so I got to try them on. I loved one of them (her first pick) so I think it's a GO. The flipping bra they had me try it on with costs nearly as much as the dress so hopefully I'll be able to find one a little bit cheaper somewhere. (Then I'll have enough for some spanx. ;) ) Here it is. I think it says a lot that I liked this dress at 8pm on a Thursday night with no make up on, no tan, no spanx, and slightly elevated blood pressure. But, OH, the cleavage. We'll worry about that later. (I am not accustomed to showing so much of my rack.)

This just in:

R: (crying) James hit me between my belly!
S: James, did you hit your sister?
J: No! I punched her.

Good morning, motherhood! xoxox
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

good afternoon, peeps

Oh man. I'm pooped. I was up until midnight last night and have felt sleepy all day. Here are a few random shots from our day yesterday. Up there is James buckling his baby into her car seat. I think they were on the way to Africa even though Ruby had requested McDonalds. Below is what I accomplished yesterday. Lots of cooking! And tons of dishes. ugh. I am trying to make a little stash for Patrick as I'll be gone most of next week. (I used the mac & cheese recipe from this month's Everyday Foods and it is GOOD.)

Now here are James & Ruby while I cooked. Ruby happily peeled crayons for the better part of an hour while James cut out "cookies."

To offset all the cooking talk: I have added 30 minutes of cardio 3x a week (um, starting this week) and used a Leslie Sansone DVD for today. I got the fast 3 mile one from the library (here on Amazon) and it was a really good workout. I will admit that I quit at 34 minutes, not quite making it to the 3 mile mark. I was using my 5lb weights for the second half and it wore me out. I think on Friday I'll use my 2lb-ers for this workout. It's nice because it's so easy to follow along, low impact, but still really gets your heart rate up. I could do without all the friendly banter but chubbies can't be choosers. HAHAHAHAHHA. xoxo

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