Wednesday, April 29, 2009

catching up

I am behind on so many things around here this week. Laundry, dishes, groceries, emails, phone calls, know the drill. I've got nothing planned for the next 2 days so I can just get stuff in order & hopefully not ignore my kids too much in the process. I always have this little nagging feeling in the back of my mind when I go a day without posting here so I thought I'd let you know ahead of time that I'm not going to be around for the rest of the week.

I'll see you back here next Monday. Have a good end of the week & weekend! xoxo

p.s. The woman in the picture was very sweet & took her job very seriously. I'm glad Ruby wasn't totally freaked out by the sewn shut eyes. creepy!!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

when we were in duluth

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We spent some time at a park outside of Como Zoo while I was in the cities. Ruby played for a long time with this little boy named Gage. They built a sandcastle and he helped her up some of the trickier ladders. They had fun together. After a while Gage had to go and they hugged eachother goodbye. About a half hour later we were leaving when I saw Gage running back towards the playground with his mom following behind. I waved to her and she flagged me to stop. Gage came running over to the van with a present for Ruby. He had gotten her one of those smooshed pennies with an imprint of Como Zoo on it, with his own money, his mom said.

I love this picture because Ruby looks so unsure of what the heck is going on and James is trying to be cool but is feeling slightly left out of all the excitement. After we said our final goodbye to Gage, Ruby and James were chattering about him in the back.

R: I want to have a play date with my friend Gage.
J: I wish he would have given me that penny.

Get used to it, buddy.
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sometimes now she wears a ponytail

Here are some pics from a breakfast last weeks sometime. I can't find my camera but to be honest I haven't looked. I'm pretty sure where it is, so no worries.

Boy, you should have seen my mom this weekend! Piece of work, that one. I won't go into the gory details but she was really ticked that I hadn't gotten my tires changed yet. jeesh, woman. They have been changed, alright?! Just like I had planned...for MONDAY right here in town. (nobody bothered to ask me if I had a plan or anything...that would have been too easy, right?!) And I'm glad my mom didn't take a bet I offered her as they did end up taking the 2 front ones off and throwing them away. So, I was wrong. I'll admit it! But he did say (mechanic) that he's seen worse. So there. And I just have to add that the mechanics at this particular garage are hotties. I don't say too many men are hotties as most men aren't that appealing to me, aside from my husband. Oh, sure, I notice when someone is good looking but most don't make me growl a little on the inside like these guys do. Ay yi yi! (don't worry, have confessed this to husband & the Lord.)

So, ANYWAYS. I'm glad that's over! Well, we still have to go pick it up this morning. I better go shower and put on some makeup. ;)

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Blue Bunny Aspen = SO GOOD

I just got these Blue Bunny Aspen bars at the grocery store last night and they are SO GOOD. mmmmmmmmmm. I think it might be the combination of vanilla coating & granola. Yummy. Patrick liked them, too. (3 ww points, fyi) Alright, resume your Friday. :)

we've been doing this kind of stuff lately:

our first container garden:James' silly little addition...says we have CAT & DOG planted along with the squash:
Ruby & Aaron:
I need breast reduction, I think. But I do like my hair color.
natalie teaching the dudes how to blow the BIG bubbles:
james & nat:
ruby, digging for the good stuff in her trail mix:
love this elijah put his arm around natalie:
ruby rocking her new (vintage) spidey t shirt:
That's it for today. I am headed for an afternoon at the park that includes a margarita later on. yum! Tonight Patrick volunteered to take the kids so I can go to the bookstore and tomorrow we have our sitter coming (she did call back, thankfully) for the afternoon. Good stuff. Oh yeah, and it's gonna be 80 today. Holy cats.


p.s. you can click on the pics to see them bigger. the one of ruby & the trail mix is cute up close. No need to click on the one of me. I think they are big enough.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


We checked out Kindergarten tonight. Oh my gosh. My little boy. xoxoxoxo
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just go to sleep, already

When I am tired it sometimes takes me a while to realize how tired I am and I start snacking to make myself feel better. Maybe some food energy will help, I think, even though my stomach is perfectly happy and probably ticked off at being put to work again.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those times. The exhaustion hit around 3pm so I had an apple. The apple did nothing for me so I moved on to pretzels dipped in chocolate. I even photographed them (see above) because they were so lovely, thus building my anticipation of eating them way up and subsequently being extremely let down when they didn't make me feel better. Then I tried a mini nestle crunch bar. Mmmmmm, but really, nothing. A low fat/high carb tortilla with 1 carefully measured T of Sunbutter? nope. Another crunch bar? Still nothing. 9 points of food later I realized that perhaps I should just lay down. (I never said I was quick.)

James wanted to play on the computer while I napped so we settled in up here in my room. Under my new blanket, sun shining in the window, Ruby asleep....ahhhhhhh. One minute later:

J: Mom, how do you spell pinky dinky doo?
S: sound it out, buddy.
J: (lots of noises and scribbling)
J: p-i-n-c-e...
S: P-I-N-K-Y D-I-N-K-Y D-O-O (thinking now is not the time for teaching. It is the time for sleeping.)
J: Thanks, Mom!
S: (I snuggle down a little deeper. oh, my blanket smells so goooooood.)
J: Mom?
S: (interrupts him, serious voice) James. This is my quiet time. This is your quiet time. There will be no talking to me.
J: Okay.
S: (zzzzzzz)
J: MOM!! Look how many coconuts I got! LOOK LOOK LOOK LO...
S: JAMES! I don't care!!!!!!! Go to your own room!!!
J: Fine, I'm sorry. I won't talk to you.
S: (immediately back to zzzzzzzzzzzz)
S: (hard sleep, begins to drool at some point)
J: Mom? Hey Mom?
S: (raises up on one arm) SHUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J: (looks surprised, eyes wide) okay. (shuts up)
S: (flips pillow over to escape dampness, back to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
S: (wakes about 45 minutes later, feeling so much better)
J: (now playing on floor with something, hears me, head pops up beside bed. I observe that he appears to be emotionally unscathed.) Now do you want to see how many coconuts I got?


So, geez, I haven't really been up to the blogging task this week, have I? I guess I've just been busy. Zoe & her kids came over on Monday afternoon and we had a nice time. I introduced her to Leslie, that was fun. I made those yummy chickens again for dinner. Yesterday after preschool we met some friends at McDonalds and had a good time until James wouldn't stop begging for blue PowerAde. So we left and came home and you just read about the rest of the afternoon.

Now it's nice out again today...sunny and such. The rest of the week looks busy so I am very happy to just be here today. I made lots of fun plans with James (guilt kicking in, apparently) for this afternoon like playdoh and planting seeds. And I'm going to exercise. I've lost 5lbs now on WW so that is cool. I almost don't believe it but I guess it's true. I'm not sure where those last 2lbs came from, though, so I am a bit skeptical. Usually I notice in my jeans right away but those are feeling the same this week. Maybe my lower belly it a teensy bit smaller. (yes, I have 2 upper and a lower. doesn't everyone? no? oh. well, nevermind...I was just kidding.)

Now I'm running out of steam and I hear Ruby up to NO GOOD downstairs. xoxo

Monday, April 20, 2009

I am boring today. Why don't you try one of these?

This made me smile first thing this morning.

Mom, this is Dooce.

Oh my goodness, did this crack me up yesterday.

A current favorite...look forward to their posts everyday.

This might be us, tomorrow. (hope not!)

Just found this blog yesterday...think I'm going to enjoy it. (scroll down to see a self portrait she took in a shirt she made with the Mendocino fabric that I cute!)

Adorable. So adorable.

I read The Daily Coyote this weekend. Here is the blog. (A good read.)

Here is another new-to-me blog that I've been enjoying. Lovely.

Friday, April 17, 2009


(looking for his next fix egg)

Because I'm all over the place this morning, a list:

  • Ruby peed on the potty again this morning. excellent news. that's twice now. :)
  • clotheslines are full xoxo
  • gorgeous outside
  • out of food. need to get groceries so bad. hard to eat healthy when all my usual healthy stuff is gone. hard to eat, period.
  • park yesterday, park today, life is good
  • van still full o' crap from last week
  • J: Mom, I've had an idea smashing around inside my brain all night.
  • S: Has anyone seen my check card? R: I put it in my truck for safe keepin'.
  • J: Mom, how do you spell "good job on the potty"? I want to make Ruby a sign.
  • Trying to decide if we should put Ruby in preschool next year. It's only 6 hours a week. I remember James at was not an easy year. 2 Ruby-free hours, 3x a week, might be nice. But she is actually quite easy and fun to be around when James is at school now so I just don't know. hmmmmm.
  • If our babysitter doesn't call me back this time I may have to find a new one. One time, I will understand. Twice? Not cool.
  • want to plant bulbs
  • S: I'm not mad at you anymore. P: Good. Take your shirt off. (hehehhehehehehehe)
  • I'm worried that when Ruby stops wearing a diaper that I'll be arrested for pinching her bum too much.
  • started reading my first Urban Fiction novel last night. Realistic stories about life in the ghetto. Just heard of it in an article I read about Detroit. Not really my speed. Does this surprise me? No.

Alright. The sharks are circling. Time to shut this bad boy off and finish my chores before we head out to meet our friends. xoxo

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my personal goals for this afternoon

have been met.

I wanted to:

hug more than holler (seriously. the other day I realized I had barely hugged my kids ALL DAY. sad.)

be outside more than inside

be moving more than sitting still

It's good to be back and it's GORGEOUS outside. yay! I can now loaf around and feel no guilt. Well, after I get reacquainted with Leslie, that is. I bet she missed me. (my back is nearly all better and is only stiff in the morning for a little while and if I sit too long in this horrendous "computer" chair.)

Also? I updated my link list over on the right to include friends near & far, some that I have known for years, others that I have yet to meet. xoxo

ruby as a pillow

ruby as a pillow, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I put some new pictures on flickr, too. I will add more as time permits. :)

(click on this one to go to flickr)


So. This is our entry. You can see my to do list taped on the shelf...I have had these lists in almost every room of our house since before we left. They work! (not for patrick, of course, but for me) (we'll get back to that later) This particular list says paint the shelf and put up curtain. I think I will add "new rug" to it as well. Anyways, I decided I want my curtain to have green, black and birds.

This fabric is scarily perfect. The sad thing? It is from IKEA and had my daughter not been being such a spaz last Saturday night I may have seen it there in person and purchased it with NO SHIPPING. Ah well. So, here's one possibility.
I like this a lot but I think it's a little too birdy. And, no black. A touch of black is important.
I like this but there's not enough green. The pink colorway of this fabric, Starling, has the perfect green. But it's pink!!
Not in the running but kinda cute. I hate when sellers don't take a good photo.
Zoe used this one for curtains in her house, and gave me some (thank you!). I love it but it's too much yellow for curtains for me. Had to mention it, though, as I do love it.These birds are creepy looking. Maybe I'll use this one and face it outside on days when I am crabby so no one comes over?? naw.
Okay, no birds and I don't think that's black but I LOVE it and am ordering some. I always love Amy Butler but this is the first print I would actually use.
These little birds are darling and vintage but not for the entry way, of course. Maybe the kitchen!
And using my mermaid tote has shown me how much I adore this line from Heather Ross. I am ordering some more before it goes out of print and gets all pricey. (like her gnomes!)

So, what do you think? Should I go with the Ikea birds? Oh wait! I forgot, there was one more...heehehehhehehe!

And p.s. I think I am going to paint that shelf bright green. Inspired by that green glossy desk at Pottery Barn last winter that's been on my mind ever since. (this all came together in my mind this morning.) (when I saw the list!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

we're home

and starting to settle in.

This is one of my favorite pictures from last week. xoxo
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I'm going to start packing us up here any time but had to stop here for a minute first.

Yesterday was such a good day. I have stories for later about Ruby's first present from a boy and a very special meatball at Noodles. Very special.

We walked all over Como Zoo and then let them play at a playground in one of Como's surrounding picnic areas. I love playgrounds. All the kids running around thinking of new games on the spot, so happy to be trying new things after the long winter and to be seeing new faces. Just love them and am SO happy it's outside season again. (maybe for good this time?)

It's supposed to be nice in Madison for the rest of the week (67 on Friday!) so I am especially excited to be heading home. I'm trying to time it so we get home around the same time as Patrick so I can go right to bed. :) These long drives usually tire me out.

I hope you have a happy day today. xoxo

Sunday, April 12, 2009

and now we're here

Finally. Finally the children are asleep. I've been waiting for these quiet moments to myself nearly all day. They were kind of crazy at Uncle Thomas & Erin's today. Sometimes it's hard to be the only one with kids. My family was all as sweet as can be to them...even when they were annoying. I think the last week hit the 3 of us today...we are pooped. Even so tired, though, I extended our trip for one extra day to spend some more time with my beloved cousins & their kids tomorrow. I am so looking forward to just hanging out with Jess & Eryn while our children run around in a pack and act like wild animals. Ah, you can tell I am a mom when that sounds like a good day, right? I am a mom, though, and there is such comfort in being with other moms & kids...especially when they are your dear cousins that you've loved since they were born and who have produced mini cousins just as cute as they are. We will now be heading back Tuesday morning. (Missing that home something fierce. That's a good feeling, too. xoxo)

Even with the back problems and the car problems (ha! long story, that one!) and the crazy kid problems, we have all had SUCH a good time. I think if we weren't so tired I would try to stay in Mpls. a couple more days to see my girl friends who live here and then stop in Eau Claire on the way back to see another one. I used to always feel stressed about all the people I felt I *had* to see while we were home and since I've stopped doing that to myself I can now just feel so incredibly blessed that I even have so many people in my life that I feel that way about. Does that make any sense? I said I was tired. :)

This week I got to see my dear mother and father, my thoughtful brother & Erin, my sweetest aunties, my adorable cousin Rachel & uncle bill, Jolee & her darling boys, my tiny little gramma (sniff), my uncle frank, jess & eryn and their kids, jason & amy, the lake twice (up close), I got to hear my favorite sound of rocks plunking into the water, I got to feel my stiff morning back loosen up as the day got going and feel thankful that the exercises I do will help keep my back strong & healthy for the future (that and correct lifting techniques), I got to have beer with my friends and go to Kmart by myself, I ate a delicious lunch made by Jolee and got to hold my sleeping daughter in my arms while my son made new friends (at mcdonald's playplace...don't get too misty eyed. before we got there James said, "mom, I hope mcdonald's is really busy so I can make LOTS of new friends."). I finished another baby carrier for my cousin and got to see her sweet girl snug inside of it. I got to laugh about Leslie Sansone with Kristy and hear about a good Denise Austin workout from Rachel. (that I am so going to try to do now because then I will be cool like her!) (oh, okay, I won't be but I'm still going to try it.) ;) I got to tell Ruby the story of Easter and repeat it after she asked to hear the story about "the cave & the crying lady" again. I got to see James eat his first chocolate rabbit. (so worth the $9...that is some good chocolate! will link later) I watched my children nearly come to blows over the plastic eggs that Thomas hid all over the yard for them. I made lots of healthy eating choices and a few not so healthy (but so good!) ones. I missed exercising (aside from stretching, which I did a lot of) and my bedroom. I missed my husband and snuggling up to him at the end of the day. I got to watch my kids having fun with so many people that I have loved for so long already...that is the neatest feeling. I am thankful! I am sappy! I am tired! xxoxoxox goodnight.

p.s. If I shared a special moment with you last week that I forgot to mention please forgive me.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

and here we are

I was trying to get one of the van seats out Monday morning before we left and pulled a muscle in my lower back. It felt tender all day while driving but okay and then I hurt it worse carrying some stuff in when we got here Monday night. I went to the doc yesterday and got some muscle relaxant to take at night but I'm not sure if it helped. I am also sleeping in a double bed with James and Ruby...that might be part of it. It's really stiff again this morning but I think it will feel better once I get moving around as that seemed to help yesterday.

So, that's where I'm at. Trying not to be crabby (and doing pretty good, I think) and not to harm my children as they won't ever leave me alone. My Dad watched them yesterday while I went to the dr. and my mom watched them last night while I went out for a while and both of those breaks were much appreciated.

The doc I saw was Dr. Swank. Not kidding. He was young and kind of hot and asked if my anal tissues were swelling at all. (oh goodness, now people googling anal tissue are going to come sniffing around here. Sorry folks, no action here!) I told him thankfully no but he could check for himself if he liked. JUST KIDDING. I did not say that. But I kind of laughed to myself because he said anal tissue! hehe.

I just finished giving Ruby Harper a bath and now I'm going to take one. I got some of those sticky heat pads for on my back afterwards...I can't wait! We are going to fetch my father and then heading to the Duluth Aquarium. Looking forward to it. I am SO thankful that it is a relatively sunny & mild week here. I am definitely going down to the lake before we leave but probably not Park Point this trip, which makes me sad. I think I'm going to have a beer with Jason tonight and we are spending the day at Jolee's tomorrow. Fun stuff...can't wait!

I hope you are having a good week! xoxo

Monday, April 06, 2009

and we're off!

Update: No snow last night (thank you, Lord!!) so we are leaving today. James sees the Dr. at 10:45 because he is going through this we think. (sadly not just a UTI...which would have an easy fix) The good thing is that it doesn't seem to be bugging him at all. He just pees every 10 minutes or so. poor kid. Might see if we can get a catheter for the trip.


We are heading up to Duluth/Mpls. for the week. I'm not sure if I'll be around (remember my mom has DIAL UP. ugh.) so if I'm not...Happy Easter! xoxoxo

Thursday, April 02, 2009

you know you're a geek when

you can't reserve any more library books because you reached the 75 book
is my hold list which happens to be a fairly good cross section of my life.

my comments in orange...

50 high-impact, low-care garden plants /
by DiSabato-Aust, Tracy. (we'll see)
Timber Press,
Active48 of 6503/02/2010
All in a day /
by Rylant, Cynthia. (no memory of this)
Abrams Books for Young Readers,

Date Placed: 03/24/2009
Active8 of 1403/24/2010
The amazing adventures of dietgirl /
by Reid, Shauna. (?? sounded good, I guess)
A Avon,

Date Placed: 02/08/2009Library
Active6 of 1802/08/2010
Apologize, apologize! /
by Kelly, Elizabeth, 1952- (cover is beach on Marth's vineyard...enough for me)

Date Placed: 03/28/2009P
Active21 of 2703/28/2010
Baked : new frontiers in baking /
by Lewis, Matt. ( I like muffins)
Stewart, Tabori & Chang,

Date Placed: 01/25/2009P
Active14 of 2701/25/2010
Baking bread with children /
by Cohen, Warren Lee. (and bread)

Date Placed: 03/02/2009Pic
Active4 of 403/02/2010
Best Friends Forever
by Weiner, Jennifer (she's funny)
Pocket Books

Date Placed: 03/30/2009P
Active9 of 1403/30/2010
Billy Blanks Tae Bo (DVD) [videorecording] : ultimate Tae Bo
(want to try this again as it kicked my ass months ago)
Gaiam ,

Date Placed: 03/29/2009
Active2 of 303/29/2010
Bitter is the new black : confessions of a condescending, egomaniacal, self-centered smart-ass, or why you should never carry a Prada bag to the unemployment office : a memoir /
by Lancaster, Jen, 1967- (this woman is HILARIOUS)
New American Library,

Date Placed: 03/27/2009
Active32 of 3603/27/2010
Bootcamp. Total body blast (DVD)
(wanted to punish self)

Date Placed: 03/29/2009P
Active7 of 803/29/2010
Bright lights, big ass /
by Lancaster, Jen, 1967- (again with the HILARIOUS woman)
New American Library,

Date Placed: 03/27/2009
Active35 of 3903/27/2010
Bringing up geeks : how to protect your kid's childhood in a grow-up-too-fast world /
by Hicks, Marybeth. (looking out for the wee ones)
Berkley Books,

Date Placed: 03/06/2009
Active4 of 903/06/2010
Craft challenge : dozens of ways to repurpose a pillowcase /
by Tourtillott, Suzanne J. E. (I'm always up for a challenge)
Lark Books,

Date Placed: 04/01/2009
Active5 of 1004/01/2010
The daily coyote : a story of love, survival, and trust in the wilds of Wyoming /
by Stockton, Shreve. (read about on Dooce, like coyotes well enough)
Simon & Schuster,

Date Placed: 01/29/2009
Active7 of 2401/29/2010
Dinothesaurus : prehistoric poems and paintings /
by Florian, Douglas. (like to read poems to kids)
Atheneum Books for Young Readers,

Date Placed: 04/02/2009P
Active14 of 1404/02/2010
Fabulous fat quarter bags : a gorgeous gathering of bags for every day /
by Briscoe, Susan. (skeptical but open)
David & Charles,

Date Placed: 04/01/2009
Active3 of 504/01/2010
Family-style meals at the Hali'imaile General Store /
by Gannon, Beverly, 1949- (like food, too)
Ten Speed Press,

Date Placed: 04/01/2009
Active2 of 204/01/2010
Fatally Flaky
by Davidson, Diane Mott (she describes all her espresso shots so deliciously)

Date Placed: 03/30/2009Pi
Active3 of 503/30/2010
Get fit daily dozen (DVD)
(just workin' on my fitness)
Lions Gate Entertainment,

Date Placed: 03/29/2009
Active19 of 2003/29/2010
Go dairy free : the guide and cookbook for milk alergies, lactose intolerance, and casein-free living /
by Fleming, Alisa Marie. (damn the (milk) man!)
Fleming Ink,

Date Placed: 02/17/2009
Active2 of 602/17/2010
Go Diego go! Rainforest fiesta! (DVD)

Nickelodeon, (que bueno)

Date Placed: 03/02/2009
Active12 of 3603/02/2010
God speaks your love language : how to feel and reflect God's love /
by Chapman, Gary D., 1938- (duh, it's about GOD)
Northfield Pub.,

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active3 of 304/02/2010
Going green : true tales from gleaners, scavengers, and dumpster divers /
(hello? can't wait for this one!!)
University of Oklahoma Press,

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active3 of 304/02/2010
Good Book : the bizarre, hilarious, disturbing, marvelous, and inspiring things I learned when I read every single word of the Bible /
by Plotz, David. (interested)

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active26 of 2704/02/2010
Good housekeeping : the great Christmas cookie swap cookbook : 60 large-batch recipes to bake and share /

Hearst Books, (I thought I cancelled this one but apparently not)

Date Placed: 09/02/2008
Suspended6 of 2209/02/2009
Handmade nation : the rise of DIY, art, craft, and design /
by Levine, Faythe, 1977- (RISE UP!)
Princeton Architectural Press,

Date Placed: 12/30/2008
Active7 of 3012/30/2009
Hodgson Mill whole grain baking : 400 healthy and delicious recipes for muffins, breads, cookies, and more.
(I told you I like muffins)
Fair Winds Press,

Date Placed: 03/02/2009ry
Active1 of 1203/02/2010
The Hollywood trainer (DVD) Ultimate cross training
(to work off those muffins)
Visual Entertainment,

Date Placed: 04/01/2009
Active1 of 204/01/2010
Hungry Girl : 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories
by Lillien, Lisa (again with the working off)
St Martins Pr

Date Placed: 02/22/2009
Active17 of 3702/22/2010
I'm perfect, you're doomed : tales from a Jehovah's witness upbringing /
by Abrahams, Kyria. (title cracked me up)
Simon & Schuster,

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active5 of 504/02/2010
The ice dream cookbook : dairy-free ice cream alternatives with gluten-free cookies, compotes & sauces /
by Albert-Matesz, Rachel, 1965- (looking forward to summer!)
Planetary Press,

Date Placed: 02/02/2009
Active2 of 402/02/2010
It sucked and then I cried : how I had a baby, a breakdown, and a much needed margarita /
by Armstrong, Heather B. (duh, it's dooce)
Simon Spotlight Entertainment,

Date Placed: 02/22/2009
Active8 of 4602/22/2010
Junk beautiful : outdoor edition /
by Whitney, Sue. (eye candy)
Taunton Press, Inc.,

Date Placed: 03/02/2009
Active6 of 4403/02/2010
Life sentences /
by Lippman, Laura, 1959-
William Morrow, (??some novel)

Date Placed: 03/14/2009
Active14 of 11003/14/2010
Linen, wool, cotton : 25 simple projects to sew with natural fabrics /
by Mano, Akiko. (because I'm so natural)

Date Placed: 03/11/2009
Active5 of 1203/11/2010
Little Bee /
by Cleave, Chris.
Simon & Schuster, (? think it's a kids book...oh, wait...not a kids book but about a little girl...sounds really good. (and sad)

Date Placed: 03/28/2009
Active38 of 4503/28/2010
Living the sweet life in Paris /
by Lebovitz, David.
Broadway Books,(like to read about people living in paris)

Date Placed: 04/01/2009Pi
Active5 of 604/01/2010
Longing for God : seven paths of Christian devotion /
by Foster, Richard J.
IVP Books, (liked title...want to long for God)

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active1 of 104/02/2010
The lost city of Z a tale of deadly obsession in the Amazon /
by Grann, David. (really like nonfiction now)
Random House Large Print,

Date Placed: 02/22/2009
Active1 of 2802/22/2010
Made from scratch : discovering the pleasures of a handmade life /
by Woginrich, Jenna. (again with the natural)
Storey Pub.,

Date Placed: 02/08/2009
Active37 of 7002/08/2010
Magic books & paper toys : flip books, E-Z pop-ups & other paper playthings to amaze & delight /
by Smith, Esther K. ( you getting sick of this yet? I kind of am.)
Potter Craft,

Date Placed: 03/17/2009
Active4 of 403/17/2010
Martha Stewart's encyclopedia of crafts : an A-Z guide with 200 projects, basic techniques, and endless inspiration /
(duh, it's Martha)
Potter Craft,

Date Placed: 02/02/2009
Active4 of 5602/02/2010
Mommywood : Tori Spelling with Hilary Liftin.
by Spelling, Tori, 1973- (must admit to liking Tori)
Simon Spotlight Entertainment,

Date Placed: 03/30/2009
Active12 of 1503/30/2010
The necklace thirteen women and the experiment that transformed their lives /
(not what you think, get mind out of gutter)
Thorndike Press,

Date Placed: 04/02/2009Pi
Active1 of 104/02/2010
New York, Empire City, 1920-1945 /
(I think pictures, love old pics of NYC)
Harry N. Abrams,

Date Placed: 03/02/2009
Active1 of 103/02/2010

Not without my sister /
by Jones, Celeste. (never without my sister)

Date Placed: 11/03/2008Pi
In Transit3 of 1411/03/2009
Oilcloth inspirations : over 25 fun-to-make projects /
by Bester, Sophie. (oh goodness, what is wrong with me?!)
David & Charles,

Date Placed: 01/06/2009
Active3 of 901/06/2010
One big happy family : 18 writers talk about polyamory, open adoption, mixed marriage, househusbandry, single motherhood, and other realities of truly modern love /
Riverhead Books,

Date Placed: 03/02/2009Pi
Active2 of 503/02/2010
Paper Crafts gourmet.
(??like to eat paper, too, I guess)
CK Media/Paper Crafts,

Date Placed: 03/02/2009Pic
Active1 of 503/02/2010
The parent adventure : preparing your children for a lifetime with God /
by Wilson, Rodney. (your GEEKY children)

Date Placed: 04/02/2009
Active1 of 104/02/2010
Patchwork style : 35 simple projects for a cozy and colorful life /
by Koseki, Suzuko.(like my life needs more cozy)

Date Placed: 03/11/2009
Active3 of 803/11/2010
A reliable wife : a novel /
by Goolrick, Robert, 1948- (about me)
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill,

Date Placed: 03/28/2009
Active57 of 22203/28/2010
Revolutionary road /
by Yates, Richard, 1926-1992
Little, Brown, (had to)

Date Placed: 02/01/2009y
Active68 of 17602/01/2010
Rich like them : my door-to-door search for the secrets of wealth in America's richest neighborhoods /
by D'Agostino, Ryan. (sounded interesting)
Little, Brown,

Date Placed: 02/01/2009
Active2 of 702/01/2010
The school of essential ingredients /
by Bauermeister, Erica.
G. P. Putnam's Sons, (novel and FOOD)

Date Placed: 02/01/2009
Active7 of 5102/01/2010
Sew fabulous fabric /
by Butcher, Alice.(wondering how many clever titles with word SEW are still available?)
David & Charles,

Date Placed: 02/02/2009
Active3 of 1402/02/2010
Sew, so cute! /
(cross this one off the list)
Leisure Arts,

Date Placed: 03/11/2009
Active1 of 403/11/2010
Sewing green : 25 projects made with repurposed & organic materials /
by White, Betz. (a concept close to my heart...the repurposed part)

Date Placed: 03/11/2009
Active5 of 1603/11/2010
The shack : a novel /
by Young, William P. (not to be confused with the LOVE shack)
Windblown Media,

Date Placed: 01/15/2009
Active110 of 52101/15/2010
Six-word memoirs on love & heartbreak /

Harper Perennial. (sounds fun, no? I can't wait.) (6 words right there!)

Date Placed: 03/02/2009Picy
Active7 of 1703/02/2010
Spiced /
by Jurgensen, Dalia.
Putnam, (I think this is the pastry chef memoir. I could write a pastry eater memoir.)

Active1 of 204/01/2010
Stability ball you can do! abs (DVD)
(As long as it's not those 2 old ladies it might be okay) (their names are PJ & Moira...don't go there)

Date Placed: 02/18/2009
Active5 of 1002/18/2010
The story of Edgar Sawtelle a novel /
by Wroblewski, David.
HarperLuxe, (will try this again, first time couldn't get into it)

Date Placed: 02/01/2009P
Active87 of 15202/01/2010
Ten little babies /
by Fujikawa, Gyo. (a fave illustrator)
Sterling Pub. Co.,

Date Placed: 02/16/2009
Active5 of 702/16/2010
Tennessee pusher
by Old Crow Medicine Show (Musical group)
Nettwerk, (rock me mama like a wagon wheel...)

Date Placed: 02/16/2009
Active33 of 3802/16/2010
The UltraMind solution : fix your broken brain by healing your body first : the simple way to defeat depression, overcome anxiety, and sharpen your mind /
by Hyman, Mark, 1959- (watch out world!)

Date Placed: 02/01/2009
Active15 of 7102/01/2010
Volume one
by She & Him. (waiting patiently)
Merge Records,

Date Placed: 01/18/2009
Active43 of 8101/18/2010

Walk slim. Fast & firm!: 4 really big miles (DVD)
(shut up! I like her!)
Distributed by Starz Home Entertainment,

Date Placed: 04/01/2009
In Transit2 of 204/01/2010
Weekend sewing : more than 40 projects and ideas for inspired stitching /
by Ross, Heather. (no sewing pun is a good thing)

Date Placed: 02/08/2009
Active1 of 4002/08/2010
Weight watchers in 20 minutes : 250 fresh, fast recipes.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., (seeking muffin balance)

Date Placed: 02/02/2009
Active4 of 3202/02/2010
When mothers kill : interviews from prison /
by Oberman, Michelle.
New York University (Don't look at me like that! I'm only curious!)

Date Placed: 03/02/2009P
Active3 of 703/02/2010
A year of mornings : 3191 miles apart /
by Vettese, Maria Alexandra.
Princeton Architectural (did you follow this blog last year? lovely.)

Date Placed: 03/02/2009
Active5 of 1303/02/2010
You are what you remember : a pathbreaking guide to understanding and interpreting your childhood memories /
by Estrade, Patrick. (Sorry, Mom & Dad, but I have to go there)
Da Capo/Lifelong,

(If you click on any of the links it will take you to the books' page in our local library system. Do you have a hold list to share?)


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