Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a few peeks at the shower...

At the shower:

This one below is (obviously) much cuter of Andrea so I thought I'd take one for the team:She was definitely not tipsy:
Hugging all of her friends, they are all so sweet to her:
Like this one although she is out of focus. Ronan couldn't wait to be invited in. (He said he was going to park over in the lot across the street with binoculars.)
Love this. The party was officially over but we stayed for another 4 hours or so. This was when we added the remaining REAL sangria to the leftover fruit salad along with the leftover white whine and sprite. Voila! More sangria!
Impromptu birthday celebration for Kim. Andrea improvised with a Yankee candle on a slice of her shower cake.


(there will be more some time later on)

the happy couple

I'm home. It was awesome. I feel bloated and only want to eat fruit & drink water for the next week. Can't wait for the wedding. They are happy. xoxo
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

errands are fun!

(ruby stayed in here the entire time, playing with my hair. love that.)

(james drove his corvette ALL over woodman's)

Well, today they are. We were out for about 4 hours today and got alllll sorts of stuff done, including an hour at dig & save. (side note here: I've spent the last 2 weeks looking for an off white skirt to go with a particular tank that I have. I even bought fabric to make a skirt but decided to just wear the shorts I have when the pattern looked too tricky to be fast. Guess what I found at the dig today? Yup, an off white linen skirt from Old Navy, in perfect shape. woo hoo!)

The kids were so good at the grocery store and I was happy to get everything they might need for the next 4 days. Of course, this all hinges on Patrick being able to find these things in the cupboards and refrigerator. He suffers from male refrigerator blindness so this will be harder for him than it sounds. I am hopeful.

I am finally REALLY excited to go tomorrow. I've talked with my kids a lot about me leaving, when I'll be back, and so on and I think they will be just fine...this lightens my mood tremendously. I know they'll have fun at Zoe's on Friday & Monday and they always have fun with their Dad. (please pray for Zoe and may God bless her.) :)

I have stocked up on new magazines, blow pops and cash. I have selected my airplane attire and my carry on. I finished my new little purse (basically a clothespin bag with a flap) and charged my camera. I am set.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week...probably on Tuesday. xoxoxo

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what's up, doc?

Let me be honest here. My day went totally downhill after this happy little harvest scene. HOWEVER, due to extreme inner strength (aka cookies & iced coffee) and some afternoon game playing with my son, who is adorable and hilarious and a CHEATER, and not a very good one at that, things have evened out and are even looking up for the evening hours. I thought many rotten thoughts about my children today, mainly Ruby, but it turns out all she needed was a 4 hour nap. huh.

I hope your day was better than mine and here's to a happy Wednesday night! (clink!)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

pool rats

hey james, your knees are having a party. why don't they invite your trunks down?

ruby, rescuing megan: (um, let's not play drowning, girls.)
ruby, hogging the dolphins:
and, allison, cute as can be:
These pictures were from last Saturday evening at our local pool. They have a big pool as well as this small one, which is perfect for the kids to splash around in and makes it easy to keep tabs. I think James will be chomping at the bit to get in the big one more often as the summer goes on.

We were also there yesterday afternoon and it was a totally different scene. Wild and packed with moms & kids (both pools) and crazy but still cool & refreshing on the 90+ day. We're going with Patrick tonight (Wendy...you guys interested?) and again tomorrow afternoon. I am so glad we bought a family pass. James gets lessons all summer (well, we started him in July) and we all get in for as much open swim as we want for $110. Small towns are nice.

It's going to be 95 or so today and there is a heat advisory for the afternoon. I bet folks in Florida laugh at that, just like we laugh when everyone freaks out over a dusting of snow in Georgia. :) No denying it's hot, though. Right now we're going to go out back for a while before lunch.

I'm happy. This is a good week. A week of no running around...just hanging out at home in the morning (James decided to pass on summer school which was fine with me) and doing fun things in the afternoon. These 2 kids of mine definitely get after each other but sentencing them to playing in the (cooler) lower level seems to break most of it up. When they're stuck together they need to make it work. (will Tim be on the new Project Runway?? he better be.) I am slowly compiling a pile of stuff to bring to my sister's and have a couple small sewing projects to finish up before Friday. New bags seem almost necessary for a trip, don't you think? xoxo

p.s. Okay, I have to add this while I'm here. I'm very happy but also a little sad. As much as I love time on my own and can't wait to see my sister, I am a little sniffly at leaving my family. I know I'll have fun, though, and it makes it even better because I know how good it will be to come home. Also. I have good friends, near and far, and I love them. And one of them is sick, so could you please pray for her? She's on my mind all the time lately and she could use any extra prayers you have time for. thank you. xoxox

Monday, June 22, 2009

debbils lake*

My Sunday mornings now start out with these little people. I am a teacher's helper for one of the 3 year old rooms this summer and on Sunday we had EIGHTEEN kids in our room. Holy cats. One of them was my own this time...can you see her?

Patrick and the kids drove with me and went to the early service so we could leave for Devil's Lake earlier. This means I missed church, as I was helping during the service, so all day long, whenever I did something wrong (like forget the mustard), Patrick would comment on how, "that's what the sermon was about...wives who forget things all the time." hahahaha, he is so funny. I let him get away with it because it was Father's Day. He always whips the kids around like this after church. Not sure why but it always happens.At Devil's Lake, waiting for the hot dogs and playing with (the now departed) pet snail:
"That is one huge hot dog, Dad!", he said. Kids are so funny sometimes.
Love a man secure enough to drink a juice box.
On the tumbled rocks trail:
this climbing did not make my heart stop:
this climbing did:
Dad to the rescue:

This is the second Sunday in a row we went to Devil's Lake after church. I think we have a new Sunday tradition. (except for this Sunday 'cause I'll be in BOSTON, BABY!!!)


*as ruby would say

a little show & tell

I found this awesome vintage waffle iron a couple of months ago and spent quite a while cleaning it up for my Dad for Father's Day. He has lots of cute retro stuff in his kitchen and I thought it would make a cute addition. And, it works! Although it gets VERY hot on the outside. So I figured I had better make him some hot pads, too, right?

Since getting my new machine I have been doing lots of little projects but haven't been taking the time to photograph them. (I love having a machine that actually works. We are becoming very good friends.) Also, I didn't forget that glittery project I did a while back. I mounted it on some black construction paper & white card stock and then stitched around it. I've said it before but I'll say it again, I LOVE sewing on paper for some reason.
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true love is

making yourself comfortable on your father's bum.

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what I saw this morning

I'm sorry, Miss Hollyhocks, I will plant you in a better place next year. Thank you for blooming even though your neck must be hurting something awful.

I love these Sweet William my dad gave me. Look how they bloom in so many different colors! Gorgeous.Our sweet pea crop. We've already eaten a few of them. How fun.
I pulled one of these last week and yup, tiny carrots! (I planted a mini version) We'll eat these on Thursday, I think.
Love basil. Will never again not have basil growing in the summer.
My neighbor's clematis. Yes, if I lived next door to you I would probably creep into your yard early in the morning to admire your plants, too.
The lilies are blooming this morning! Just as the peonies are done. Excellent timing.
This little spot is WAY TOO MUCH. I photographed it from many angles to save for next spring when I start digging stuff outta here. There are 2 healthy hostas crammed behind that big purple thing on the end. poor buddies.
And my Lupine experiment. I carefully read the seed package and am keeping them in the shade all summer. Will transplant in the fall and see what happens. They are so picky but lovely and I want them. :)

Alright. That's it for my green stuff this morning. I figure I have one more month of garden interest ahead of me. I am sure that when I get back from my sister's wedding in mid-August it will take all I have just to water. I'm like that. xoxo

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Perhaps you thought I was so embarrassed about my last photo collage that I was avoiding you all. Oh goodness no. The boring truth is that I was busy feeling sorry for myself first for my poor irritated eyeballs (due to my neglect and over use of contact lenses) and second for my poor sick stomach after I got my new glasses. Turns out I just needed them adjusted a little and all is well again.

I had our sitter come on Friday afternoon so I could do some very important errands. Like taking pictures of myself at JoAnn Fabrics. hee! I was still kind of nauseous at the time of the above photo. My normal pleasant expression didn't return until after the adjustment. (perhaps more than my glasses need adjusting, hmmmm?)


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

time I'll never get back

I spent way too long trying to get a cute picture of my new hair cut this morning. Here are the stellar results. I colored it yesterday, too, and am over all pretty happy with the whole package. My hair NEVER looks that different no matter what I seem to do. This time I got "bangs," one strand of them, so we are calling them "bang." I am so wild.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer afternoon - Summer afternoon...

"Summer afternoon - Summer afternoon...
the two most beautiful words in the English language."

~Henry James

We spent yesterday afternoon at Picnic Point celebrating a friend's birthday. It was a gorgeous day and lots of fun.

I am about as exciting as a stump right now, unable to put even my simplest thoughts into sentences. I might need a nap. 5:00am might be a little *too* early for me to get up.

xoxo :)


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