Friday, July 31, 2009


James definitely seems better this morning. He took 2 naps yesterday, long ones, and was asleep when Ruby & I got home from Target at 8:15. His fever is gone and right now he is running around downstairs playing with Ruby. Yesterday was kind of sweet, though. We did lots of laying around and talking. He likes telling Patrick and I how much he loves us lately and will say it quite frequently. Yesterday he told me that he tells me so much so I don't forget. xoxo Like I could, sweet boy.

(Ruby is coming up here, sobbing. Back to normal!)

Okay, they are now settled in with some Little Bill so I can finish. Oh, and then I'm going to exercise. (yes, cheating today but have been v. good about ye olde sweat routine before communicating online. but have also been eating yummy Starbucks Carmel Machiatto ice cream. (thanks, Susan! :)

I myself feel pretty good today. Must take advantage of this. I am not used to feeling lousy. I really take my good health for granted. Note to self: Thank God daily for good health. (hourly?)

I am feeling like I have lots to do now before we leave next Thursday. Here's a list because I know the curiosity is overwhelming for you:

  • get Ruby's hair cut (this is scaring me silly. she turned down a new kitty toy last night as a potential reward. that is bad.)
  • get James' hair cut (no problem)
  • whiten teeth (got some white strips, never tried them before. nervous)
  • get self hair cut & brow wax
  • give self pedicure. (involves chipping off midnight blue polish that's been on for over a month)
  • pack for 4
  • pick up dress, hope it fits (got it taken in some but have been eating above-mentioned ice cream)
  • hold mail (easy)
  • find out if rental car place has car seats, probably just bringing ours (we are gonna have so much stuff)
  • find shirt & tie for Patrick to wear to wedding
  • remind Patrick to get hair cut so he isn't all sasquatch-like at wedding

Okay, that's all I've got for now. Will feel good once haircuts are over. Calling Stephanie today for appts.

Happy Friday, my dears. xoxo

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm not sure what just happened

So today we are...wait for it...

HOME. James woke up in the middle of the night with a raging fever. What the heck?? He felt better this morning but the fever came back when the Tylenol wore off and he fell asleep on my bed for a three hour nap. I had been on the phone with Wendy and hung up because my children were too quiet. Indeed. James was sleeping and Ruby was playing with his new Playmobil pirate ship that she hadn't been allowed to touch until that moment.

(that pirate ship was a brand new, sealed in the box, garage sale find for $3 that I was saving for Christmas. He found my hiding spot yesterday afternoon. sigh. But, it thrilled him so it's all good.)

Earlier, Ruby and I were downstairs and she wanted to jump on the couch. I told her no and she told me to go upstairs to my computer. nice.

Here is a picture of James at Barnes & Noble when he was just a little guy. Obviously my first can tell by the protective blanket under him. HA. I probably hadn't yet started handing him toys directly out of the bins at the Dig. Was probably still boiling them first. HA.

Ah, well. Not much to say here. Enjoy your afternoon. I am off to distribute Tylenol and clean up puddles of urine. xoxo

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

oh rats, I don't have a title

Well, my goodness, it's been a while. How are you?

I am doing well. I am actually focusing on getting us through this next week until vacation. Summer started to feel excruciatingly long to me last weekend. Ruby wouldn't stop whining and squealing, everything felt so THE SAME. I drove to church Sunday morning complaining bitterly in my head about so many different things. I felt sick of my children, sick of our yard, sick of the pool, sick of the park...sick of all of it.

And then I got to church (lucky kids!) and forgot about my (poor, poor) self for a while. Those kids are so charming. Even when they're being little stinkers, which isn't very often, they are so darn cute. I love 3 year olds and they all reminded me how lucky I am to have one of my own. So I drove home from church feeling thankful for that gentle reminder and apologetic for my foul mood, but still a little sick of summer.

I am definitely ready for vacation, ready for a little break. I am ready to see my sister in a gorgeous dress marrying the man she loves. I'm ready to see my family and be in a fun place with my husband and kids.

Until then, though, I am here, where the days have started feeling longer and longer. My attitude is better, which helps, and so is my determination to not let Ruby walk all over this household with her bad three year old self. Every once in a while my parenting needs to be stepped up and this is one of those times. And you know what? Just deciding that helps stuff feel better again...helps me feel in charge again, which is where I should be, you know? Sometimes it's just so much easier to ignore her (or their) bad behavior but that always backfires after a while.

One last thing to complain about, and then the fun stuff. My allergies are HORRIBLE. I am sneezing so hard, so many times a day and blowing my nose over and over. If I take a Zyrtec I am asleep by 6pm and it doesn't really seem to be helping anyways. I am calling my doc today to see if I can get something else. Anyone love an allergy medicine?


Kari and her boys came over yesterday and we had such a good time. Her kids are sweet and Ruby & James love to hang out with them and Kari isn't so bad, herself. ;) She brought me a ton of fresh veggies from her garden, we had an awesome salad for lunch, lots of talking & book suggestions, some good input regarding my Craftacular stuff...a really great day. (besides the fact that Ruby peed herself THREE times. sigh.) I am so excited to go to our quilting weekend with her & Zoe in September.

From this morning, how a king size bed can feel small:

And, so I don't disappoint you by not showing something Christmas-y even though it is still July and you all think I'm nuts, my little stockings. These are about 10" long and made with some of my FAVORITE fabrics. I know I will want to tell anyone who buys them how these are my FAVORITE fabrics and they can really only bring it home if they promise to love them as much as I do. And then they will ask for a refund and promptly run away.

And I will have ALLLLLLL the stockings! hahahhahahhahahhahahhahaha!

Alrighty then! I have an 8:00 date for a game of Battleship. Wish me luck! xoxo

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Monday, July 27, 2009

a little more show & tell

I promise I will stop soon. Like, by Thanksgiving. :) (The Craftacular is Thanksgiving weekend this year! Mom - you are usually here that wknd!) Anyways, here are a few new cards. I found a smaller size card in a sage green, like Vicki suggested, and I love them. These 2 are actually reworked Valentine's day cards that I sent out to my family last February. The inside of the first one says, "you sweet thing" and the second, "you little doll."
And here are those ones from last week with a little ink. Better but I still don't LOVE them.

(the inside of the first one says, "to you." and the second, "ASAP." :) I know, super creative. I have a couple more ideas in the style of the top two so they will probably be next.

Oh, and James has that cold today so we are home AGAIN. Oh good Lord, help me. Ruby is being much sweeter today than the last 3 days, though, so thank GOD for that. Here they are:

(note her 3 tshirts)


my dad is awesome

Friday, July 24, 2009


I am sick today with a bad head cold. I woke up feeling okay and felt worse as the next hour went much worse that Patrick stayed home so I could sleep for a few hours. I feel okay again now but suspect it might be a long day.

Anyways, the cool thing! My dress is up to $52.00. Ebay can be fun sometimes.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

trying to figure it out

This is what I have been doing all day besides caring for my sick daughter and bored son. I want to sell some cards at the shows this fall so I've been brainstorming ideas. I got white cards & envelopes and they seem so plain to me. These would have words stamped on them, of course, but do you think colored backgrounds would be much better? I am also thinking of a $2 or 3/$5 price point. Any feedback? If it's nasty, please leave it anonymously so I can pretend you are a stranger. :)

Oh yeah, the mushroom one was just for fun after I realized that my polka dot fabric would make a great cap. I do have a fun idea with those, though, it just takes more time than I have today to put together. (which might mean it's too labor intensive to mass produce as well.) I think the bunting ones would say something like "let's hang out this Christmas." JUST KIDDING. Something like "be full of good cheer", for reals. And I don't think I'd do that rolled crayon background you see in pic 2, that was just to remind me of the good old grade school days.

(feedback appreciated!) (thank you!)
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my marimekko

marimekko, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I am pretty excited about the vintage marimekko dress I have on ebay this week. It ends on Saturday and has 32 watchers. Only 1 bid so far but I have hopes that it might go high at the end.

Or, it might sell for $14.99, you never know. :)

so I had this idea

that I would make a card for my friend that would look like a big comfy bed.
You know, comforting or something.

And so I did! And I showed Patrick. And he didn't see it. At all.

But I am sending it anyways, explaining the whole thing to her, hoping it will at least get a laugh.

I think it's cute and it was fun to sew, so that is something.


Ruby got a fever after dinner last night and then puked around midnight. As of an hour ago, her fever is gone and she is keeping in fluids. ?? Maybe it's that poop she licked the other night. That cannot be good for the stomach.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

figuring out this new freedom

Ruby recently realized she can crawl freely in and out of her crib.

We want to get her into a bed but she is resisting so we are giving her a while to get used to the idea
(like, until we get a bed) and then I will bribe her with new fun bedding.

Or maybe just a floor mat.


p.s. On Monday she learned how to put a shirt on herself.
She is now frequently spotted wearing up to 3 at a time.
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zip, zilch, zero

I have done nearly nothing today and it feels sooooo good. I did go for a (wet) early morning bike ride and poured the kids each a bowl of cereal. Oh, and I made coffee before Patrick left so he could take a to-go cup. But, after that, nada. I retired to my bed with my latest book, Farm City The Education of an Urban Farmer, and have just been reading all morning while the children come and go from my room into theirs. James just made me a sunbutter & jelly because I said I was hungry. He even toasted it.

The fruit pizza above was one of two I made for yesterday morning after seeing Jessi post about it here. This was the version with soy cream cheese which tasted *almost* as good as the one with dairy cream cheese...just not quite as creamy. It's pretty much all I ate yesterday except for a veggie burger I nuked before I collapsed into bed (for the night) at 7:30.

Before everyone arrived yesterday I photographed a few treasures I haven't shared here yet. First there is the vintage chalkboard that fits perfectly on my little corner kitchen wall. I will probably re-do the blackboard paint sometime this fall.
Where it hangs:
And this little corner is making me happy since I cleaned it up last week. That old baby picnic basket was a thrilling find quite a while back and I finally made room to have the larger one out again. I love them together. They are both filled with crafting stuff.
Which brings me to what has been on my mind so often lately. Craft shows! I have so many ideas churning around in my head and I have just been recording them and starting to purchase supplies the last couple weeks. I have almost finalized my list of what to make and will begin production shortly. I had so much fun doing the Craftacular last year and really liked that period of mass production (on a very small scale) crafting of last fall. Naomi will be accepting applications for this years' show soon (maybe later today!) and I am also going to do a small one right here in town in October. Fun.

I do not want summer to be over, although it seems to be ending even as I write this. And while I am very sniffly sometimes at the thought of James going to school I am also downright excited at other times. See?

(just give me a minute to compose myself here)

I know things are seldom as you imagine them but I am imagining anyways...days filled with painting projects (all these shelves I've dragged home) & sewing and bike rides and dig & save and pancakes made with eggs for Ruby and I. happy sigh. Everyone knows how easy one child feels when you normally have 2 around your ankles, right? (or 3 or 6 as one of my friends has...)

And then, of course, cookies & milk waiting for my boy when he gets home. xoxo
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my blood runs cold

my father is the centerfold!

heehee, lookin' good, Dad! xoxox

Monday, July 20, 2009

boy are my dogs barking

I am far too tired, now at nearly 10pm, to tell you all about the day I have had so I will just give you the hourly highlights.

7:00am: Up & at 'em! So much energy! Want to clean out closets!
8:00am: Laundry out on line! A gorgeous summer day! Ahhhhhhhhh.
9:00am: Need coffee.
10:00am: Hi Neighbor! Let's chat! sure kids, you can do playdoh!
11:00am: Oops, better get in the shower. Who got all this playdoh on the carpet?!
12:00pm: Hurry! We're late for swimming! Eat these teddy grahams!
1:00pm: I'll have a hamburger happy meal, please
2:00pm: awwwww...James looks so cute in a tuxedo jacket
3:00pm: No peeing on the floor in Target, Ruby.
4:00pm: James, be quiet, your sister is sleeping
5:00pm: Hmmmmm. Now where did I put that pork tenderloin?
6:00pm: You can eat this or wait and see what's for breakfast! (she says through a fake smile)
7:00pm: Thank you for the custard filled donut, Patrick, but I am back on my points this week. (duh.)
8:00pm: I'll be happy to read to you after your rooms are picked up.
9:00pm: sweating to a Bollywood workout, hollering at kids to GO TO BED.
9:35pm: "MO-OM, I just tasted poop! And it tasted weird!" (so. not. kidding.)


Heidi sent me these pictures from our party on Saturday. I think they are hilarious because they are so RIGHT ON regarding Patrick and I in a social situation. In this first one, I am listening intently to someone off camera and Patrick is trying hard not to fall asleep:
Here I am amused, enjoying my conversation, and Patrick is scowling at someone who must have come to close to him:

And here is what we both looked like in our grad pictures:

Oh man, these seriously crack me up. You might have to know Patrick to get this. However, I will say this. No matter what it looks like, he did enjoy himself at this party and I actually caught him chatting with people after the initial (1-2 hour) warm up period. What I was thinking while I was sitting there was how good his strong back felt to me and what a nice time I was having. (thanks for the pictures, Heidi) :)

p.s. I am having multitudes of lovely women & children over tomorrow morning for a pj party and then taking 2 kids to their dentist appointments so I probably won't be around again until late. xoxo

Friday, July 17, 2009

happy friday

I will leave you with this photo of a recent purchase. I wanted a cute old bottle to keep water in in the fridge.
I think this will work, don't you? :) Have a good weekend! xoxo

p.s. I put some more stuff in my shop & on ebay!
(a few of your things, mom!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

our week so far, with pictures & commentary

a close up of my new ride. she's a beauty. I did get a helmet but got it home and the buckle was missing. argh. I wore it last night anyways but am returning it ASAP. I want to thank Susan & Mindy for the helmet talk because if my mother would have said it first I would have been all SHUT UP MOTHER, but from you guys it was sweet. :)rawr:
my boy, wheeling:
patrick took these:
one of my favorite scarves from last winter, now available on etsy. (more to follow)
ruby insisted she didn't want to get in the water:
the party, lots of little boys, so very cute:
always fun to see your children laying on the floor at the doctor's office:
james, trying not to scratch:
ruby being ruby:
typical dinner time:
james, hanging on patrick's every word:
and then having his own say (see his hand? he is explaining something) (they have an ongoing battle with their imaginary robots right now. it's all they talk about.)

this boy just kills me sometimes. look at his eyes. and when he climbs up on my lap, all heavy and warm and angular...sigh. love.
james demanded breakfast this morning (instead of using nice manners) so he had to get his own. He did pretty well. (they love having these snack trays...he had ice water, honey, sunbutter, apples, oranges, smoked turkey and a graham cracker on the side)
hard at work:
of course ruby had to have one, too:
p.s. I mowed the back yard this morning. 35 minutes of cardio. xoxo


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