Monday, August 31, 2009


Tomorrow is the big day, first day of kindergarten, and we are all pretty excited. Ruby was up sick again last night so I didn't get to bed until almost 1am. I am super sleepy today. I wanted to do something fun today (the girl seems fine now???) but James said he just wanted to stay home. How could I argue with that?

The weekend was a good one...I had breakfast and a did a little thrifting with Zoe & Kari Saturday morning, napped Saturday afternoon, felt awful Saturday night so called in sick to church on Sunday, felt ok on Sunday but took it easy all day and here we are again, back at Monday.

I have to put Ruby down for her nap now and play some board games with the boy. He's pretty easy to please. I also want to muster up the energy to hang another load of laundry outside but may only be able to manage a nap.

I'll be back later this week...sorry this is so boring. I am tired. xoxo

Thursday, August 27, 2009

we interrupt this busy week

for a day of rest. It's a cool, rainy day...perfect for staying in bed and reading all morning. (this book is not even close to the Ya-Ya books but was good. Warning: it's a tear-jerker!! I sobbed a few times.)

We had our anniversary dinner at Pizza Brutta last night. They were happy to accomodate James' allergies and he ate his ham & salami pizza without incident. Afterwards we went to a playground so Patrick and the kids could run around and act crazy like they like to do. I sat on a bench, quite happy that I had a blanket from the van to wrap up in while I digested my pizza.

It is time to rouse myself and check on the children. I mean, I can hear them and everything, I just haven't seen them for a while. xoxo

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

14 reasons why

I've loved being married to this man for the last 14 years:

~he's easy on the eyes
~he just cracks me up
~his faith
~his love for our children
~how hard he works to take care of us
~how he appreciates what I do at home
~he'll gladly wear sandals to work if there are no clean socks
~he puts the seat down
~his perfect hands and when he puts them on my face
~how he supports (almost) all of my ever-changing interests
~he's not too chatty
~I trust him
~I can tell him things I won't tell anyone else and he never judges me
and finally,
~he builds a kick ass campfire

Oh, Patrick. I love you, honey, and thank God for you every day.

Happy Anniversary!!


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

finally, the big day

My mom, Andrea, Ruby and I all went to the coolest salon to get ready for the big day. Andrea & I had our hair and make up done and Ruby ended up getting a little attention, too. We were just planning on letting her wear her hair down, to avoid any drama, but she LET them comb her hair, put a sparkly barrette in it, cover her scalp in glitter (?) and put a touch of blush and gloss on her for the pictures. This place had a whole room devoted to parties for little girls and Ruby had a field day in there. She actually took every. single. thing. out but I was too busy at that point to snap a picture.

Annie's & my toes:Ruby, eating up the attention:
All ready, on the way...
Ronan, waiting for his bride:
Here she comes, just a little happy: (with my dad, you may recognize him from here)
My mom, gearing up for the prayer:
Jamesy bo:
Miss Harper, grandma & my Dad (odd photo, but cute):
MR. & MRS...
Me, brother & seester:
The head table:
Erin & James with my Dad & Aunt Marlene in the back:
Diane, Kelly, and Todd (Andrea, the other bridesmaid, is behind Kelly):
Patrick & Rubes:
Rachel & Ruby: (they love each other)
James' dinner: (they gave him everything I brought and arranged it like this...hahahhahahaha)
James & Ruby during the father/daughter dance:
Andrea & Dad during the father/daughter dance:
Seester, shaking it down:
Annie & Ronan, smooching:
Erin & Ruby...(you should have seen these 2 dancing together. so cute. Erin was teaching her all the rad moves.)
Ruby, opening her goodie bag:
Sarah with sparkler:
2 cousins, getting down with their bad selves: (cropped to protect the innocent)
Auntie Lee , Sarah, Mom, Erin, and some guy in the back who I wish would have ducked:
In the limo on the way home:
Ruby had fallen asleep about an hour or so before we left and Patrick held her the whole time. My turn, in the limo:
James & I:
2 minutes later:
The bride & groom:
10 minutes later:
and, the final shot of the day, all that and a bag of chips:

I spoke earlier of what an awesome day this was, all around. Personally, I was so happy to feel so good and not tired the entire day. I really enjoyed it all and was so thankful for that. The reception was SO MUCH fun and we danced and danced and danced. I love dancing. I love seeing (almost) all of my family in one place having so much fun together. I love seeing my sister so happy. xoxooxoxox

p.s. A huge thank you to Andrea, my sister's friend & fellow bridesmaid, for the BEAUTIFUL shots of the ceremony that she let me share here! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

picnic point and how I am so excited for fall

(picture from last year, not today)

Today Wendy & I took the kids to Picnic Point. We had a great time even though James jumped aboard a stranger's boat and Ruby got stung by something mysterious. It was nearly 80 but there is that slight chill in the air that tells me fall is not far behind these warmer days.

I CANNOT WAIT!! I'm pretty sure I've gone on and on in the past* about how much I love fall and this year is no different. Right off the top of my head, here are 5 things I'm looking forward to:

1. kindergarten
2. kindergarten
3. kindergarten
4. kindergarten
5. kindergarten

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA. I feel guilty saying that but I am excited. It's not so much James, really, it's Ruby & James together and how freaking loud they are. I am ready for some (relative) silence, people. For real. (You see, I'm 9 weeks pregnant and so tired some days I cannot even think straight. We haven't heard the heartbeat yet but I see my doc next week and am sooooo excited!! we told the kids last weekend. will write more about this later.) I know I'm going to cry like a little baby that first week but I also know that it will be a nice change, a good change, fun for James, et cetera, et cetera. After I'm done crying I'm going to:

1. Make mac & cheese for lunch
2. Go for a bike ride, on the trail (James doesn't like the trail), with Ruby
3. prep dinner in the morning so I can just hang with James for a couple hours after school
4. take Ruby out to breakfast and to the thrift store
5. look forward to grocery shopping with only one kid


That slight chill in the air today reminded me of this favorite day there last November. Loved that day. Today we also got to listen to the UW Band's first practice of the season. There's nothing like a marching band, am I right?

*I tried to search my blog for some other posts going on and on about fall but all I could find was this one. Man, that was funny. :)

our day at the beaches

I am skipping the wedding coverage until I have more time. (September?) ha! I am also skipping the day after the wedding because I was exhausted and we went on a 4.5 hour whale watching tour. I know whales are amazing and endangered and all of that but it was really too much for me that day. Luckily I found a nice booth and slept for a good portion of the trip. Those waves are soothing. They should offer a nap cruise. (Hey! New business idea!)

The next day, Tuesday, Patrick and I took the kids to a couple of different beaches. First we hit Plum Island, in Newburyport, MA. It was a beautiful day and we found a really neat spot right by this old pier. The water was freezing and deep but we had a really nice start to our day here.

(click on any picture to see it bigger)
We really wanted to get onto that pier but the water was really too cold to go out even that much farther.
James with his hand stuck in the cookie bag. poor boy.

After Plum Island we moved onto Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester. Wingaersheek is much more kid friendly, it's a big cove like my other favorite, York Harbor (oh wait...maybe that means it is a harbor??), and the sand is so soft it feels like flour. I heard parking is expensive but we got there after 5:00 so there was no charge. I would gladly spend $20 to spend the day there, though.

Ruby was thrilled to find these drip castles
and destroy them.

James kept saying how great the view was up there.

And this concludes our beach day. We drove home in a pouring rain storm and ate Angus burgers from McDonald's for dinner. I cannot even tell you how good they tasted and how wrong that felt. :)



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