30 1/2 weeks

They should make a movie called 30 1/2 weeks where a man blindfolds his pregnant wife, gets an ice cube and turns around

to see that she has fallen asleep.

He is not surprised.

After her nap he seductively spoon feeds her some of everything in the refrigerator.   She accepts it all, burps and...

falls asleep again.

He sighs and steps over her as he goes up to bed.


  1. Oooohhh! This. Made. My. Day!!!

    Thanks for the smile!

  2. Wait a minute- you really ARE having a baby!! Wowsers!!! How thrilling.

  3. Hey, finally. Very cute seester. You hardly ever put pictures of you up there. xoxo

  4. haha!
    Love your belly. So cute!

  5. Ain't it the truth? That's a cute bump you got going there =)



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