as my house falls apart around me,

I sit down here to tell you about my excellent morning of thrifting. 

I got up this morning knowing that I had to get out for a while today.  Ruby had me up at 4am, her fever had spiked and she needed some Motrin, and I never really got fully back to sleep after that.  I pulled into the Starbucks drive thru at 10:15 and eagerly took the latte they passed out the window to me.  (I also had one of their egg, not so great, the oatmeal is better.)  It was just so fun to be out of the house, I thought, even if I didn't find a thing I decided I was glad I made the trip already.

I had pretty much given all my baby clothes away, not being certain if we'd have another one and wanting someone who really needed it to have it instead of holding onto it just in case.  (our church has an excellent outreach to new moms)  I also knew that if we did, the baby stuff is easy to find at thrift stores and rummage sales.  Today was an example of that.  I got all this baby stuff (4 onesies, 3 sleepers, 1 hoodie and 2 pairs of socks) for $14 and it's all like new.

The best part came as I was about halfway done looking through the newborn stuff and Ruby told me she had to pee.  "Really?" I sighed, and grudgingly left the baby stuff to take her to the restroom.  On the way I saw a vintage oak dresser in pristine condition priced at $35.  THIRTY FIVE dollars.  I mulled it over for about 5 seconds and then wheeled it over to the guy for a SOLD tag.  I knew if I took my hand off of it it would be gone.  Between him putting the tag on it and writing up my ticket, 3 people asked about it and I heard a 4th asking as Ruby and I walked away.  (she did get to pee, btw)  I love it and could picture using it in almost any room in our house.

The possibilities are endless.  Welcome to the family, sweet old girl.


(and may I always be gracious to Ruby when she has to pee.  amen.)


  1. that dresser is incredible!! I can't believe it was only $35.00!!!

  2. lucky ducky duck! That's awesome. I got mostly stuff for Odin for his birthday. I got him hyper dash brand new in the box for $4!

  3. Jolee, you can have it if I die. (that's what my mom always says.) :)

    Heidi - AWESOME! Is that that fun game that Kristie has? I looked at that at Target at Christmas...great find!

  4. wow! Such a productive day! =0)

  5. Major score, well done!



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