debbie downer wuz here

Man, this cold Ruby has is awful.  It got a lot worse yesterday afternoon and stayed bad through the night...high fever that Motrin wasn't totally bringing down (nor Tylenol), coughing, horrible snotty nose...just a BAD cold that kept us up a lot last night.  If I hear, "Mom, I need a kleenex" one more time...I don't know, I guess I'll give her one.  (even though they are right next to her.)  All she wants to do is have me sit on the couch by her while she watches TV, or just lays on me.  I held her for almost 2 hours last night while she slept and it was very sweet until I could absolutely not take her sick little breath in for one more minute.  ugh.

And, to help my mood, because you know it's all about me, I finally took some time to follow the tragedy in Haiti last night.  Oh my God.  Honestly, I had been putting it off until I had some time to spend really paying attention and praying.  You guys know, I don't have to try and put into words how awful it is.  Of course it makes me feel like an idiot for complaining about how tired I am and how sick of being home with a sick child I am.  Um, yeah, at least I am in a HOME with my living CHILD who merely has a cold.  Do you ever wonder why, after stuff like this happens, that it seems to happen everywhere else?  Yes, the US has had it's share of tragedies, with an ongoing one over in Iraq right now, but it seems like the TRULY horrible things happen other places.  Is it because God has a special place in hell for all of us spoiled Americans?

Did I really just write that?  I don't really believe that but I have wondered how did we get so lucky (so far)?  I don't think there is any explanation (that we can know) for these kinds of tragedies.  I just pray that many of the people have a strong faith...I don't know how I would find the will to go on after something like that if I didn't have my faith in God.  (seeing all the pictures of the kids just kills me.)

And now I'm writing and thinking of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and feeling kind of dumb, because of course we have dealt with some horrors here in the good old USA.  I guess I just haven't, personally.  sigh.  Survivor's guilt or something.

Aren't you glad you stopped by?!  This was just a big brain dump that I might delete but might just put out there, too.  I bet lots of us have a crazy mix of feelings when something like this happens.  (or maybe I am just nuts.)  I'm going to stop now.

Um...have a good day?  (I say sheepishly.)  xoxoox


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  2. I have found myself avoiding the haiti tragedy too, for the most part. It seems almost too overwhelming to even try to understand. And then I feel guilty for that luxury.

    I agree with you - on the whole, the US is spared a lot of grand-scale tragedies. At least, the acts-of-God kind. Again, don't really want to ponder that too much.

    So, on a lighter note, your new dresser is AMAZING. What a score! Me, jealous? why, yes!

  3. Thank you, Teresa. I needed a lighter note. I was all set to wallowing while I sat on the couch and watched Oswald with my stinky breath daughter.

    Isn't it great? :)

  4. It appears that someone, had he or she not been edited, was perhaps going to suggest that you spend a bit more time allowing yourself to ponder the unfortunate circumstances of others. Doing so could (possibly) help you to look outside of yourself/your own very small world occasionally, and put things in a more mature perspective.

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  6. Oh geez. I just deleted my snarky comment to Anon. Not going to go there. :)

  7. p.s. The first deleted comment was a spammed ad for Viagra or something. Anyone notice I put word verification back on? That's why.

  8. Geez Steph when you aren't taking care of your home, raising your family and supporting your husband, all of course while being exhausted from pregnancy would you mind saving the world, thanks appreciate it.

  9. Love to you, Melissa. xoxooxox


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