Is it just me or does anyone else find that almost all of their status updates on facebook involve food? I always find myself wanting to post what I've eaten, what I heard about, what I'm currently eating or what I want to eat sometime soon. I'm self conscious about it now and usually stop myself before all of my facebook friends think I'm obsessed. (Which I obviously am, so why hide it?)

I'd like to invent a new facebook for the food obsessed and call it foodbook. It would be a place where you could feel free to geek out about everything food and not worry that your old high school boyfriend will be laughing in his den that evening thinking to himself, "no wonder she is such a porker!"

Who knows html?  Call me, we'll talk.  Thanks.

((Are you on facebook? Are we friends? If you want to be my new fb friend, then email me and we'll make it happen. (whistle, click, click*) ))

*ala fantastic mr. fox, hear it here at approx. 2:15


  1. I was just wondering if anyone had noticed that I have Facebooked about making the best cookies on the planet recipe about a hundred times! Obsessed? You are? I'm not. Nope. Not that interested. What's Facebook?

  2. hehehehhehehhee. I so want to make those cookies. Maybe someday!!

    check it out, but I warn you, it';s a rabbit hole and you may still be browsing tomorrow!


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