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My mom didn't get the 9 1/2 weeks references in my last post...did anyone??  Didn't anyone see that horrible move all those years ago?  Maybe I should have titled my post 9 1/2 weeks to go, which is the thought that started it all.  :)  Anyways, thanks for the belly love.  (ed. to add:  I just looked at my comments and Kathy got it!  :)  For some reason, Kathy, your comments don't go to my inbox...) And, for my sister:

It's hard to take a cute picture of yourself without looking stupid.  Trust me, I've tried.  :)  Also?  I've noticed my glasses make the area around my eyes look browner, which is totally not needed.  Maybe it's time to get some contacts again.  (the area around my big brown eyeS browner, not big brown eye.)  (sorry, that is a favorite joke)  hahaha

Other scenes from yesterday:  breakfast:

The night before last Ruby went to bed early, without dinner, but woke up when James was coming in.  They still fell right to sleep.  Last night we played a rousing, seemingly neverending game of UNO right before bed (BAD idea) so James was all wound up and started begging for crackers.  He was also having a consequence for poor mealtime behavior and could not have a cracker, and he knew this.  He howled like a freaking wolf pup for soooooo long.  At one point I went in and asked him where his Pokemon cards were (did you send his, Mom?).  He told me and I took them away as a consequence for howling.  A few minutes later Patrick heard this from outside their door:

R:  James, you should have hid those Pokemon cards.

nice.  Now Ruby will more easily be able to school him in her devious ways.

A while later, he was still howling through a shut door, I was in the kitchen sitting at the dark table.  I heard little footsteps and a second later Ruby came quietly around the corner.  She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me, quickly recovered, and came over to the table.  She placed her hand on my cheek and quietly asked, "What are you doing down here, Mom?  I was just sneaking to get James some crackers."  I sent her back upstairs and they finally fell asleep. 

Also, I made these hot mess mini meatloafs (omitted the eggs) last night and while they didn't look like much, they tasted great over mashed potatoes.  Before the bedtime drama, the kids had a good time helping me with the potatoes.  See?  Proof:

I never really mentioned how James felt about the whole bedroom transition.  He was totally for it right from the beginning and hasn't complained once about sharing his room or all of Ruby's girly stuff in there.  He is looking forward to sharing with his brother some day but seems happy to have Ruby in there now.  It was so cute to here his wailing and her soft sing-song voice responding to him last night.

I have to go now and shut this thing off for a while.  I really like Ruby going to preschool for a lot of reasons and one of them is that it stops me from sitting here for an hour in the morning.  :)  I've found it's harder to get going after I do.  I much prefer the routine we have now on her school days when I don't do anything on the computer except a quick 10 minute pit stop after breakfast.

xoxoxo, loves.


  1. I love your children! What a great brother and sister team they are.

  2. you look super cute! Don't you wonder how devious they will be when they are 17 and 14? Hee Hee. Hopefully they will at least still be looking out for each other, how sweet.

  3. I did! I got the 9 1/2 weeks reference! I've been chuckling ever since about the thought of you explaining that movie to your mom and how your post referenced it. No matter how old I get or how cool my mom is (pretty cool), I don't want to ever talk about sex with her. Anyway, it's hard to get really mad at the kiddos when they are misbehaving together, isn't it? I mean, I so enjoy when they are partners in anything - even if it's partners in crime.

  4. I totally got the reference and thought it was very clever;) That little Ruby is too funny...I feel your pain-LOL!


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