it must seem as though I never have a complete thought

My little crabby patty took a nap yesterday afternoon, allowing me to finish her little blanket.  The sad part was when she woke up with a fever.  (thankfully she was in a much better mood.)  I kind of expected it because my neighbor called me yesterday and apologized for sending her son over when he was so sick.  He didn't seem that sick to me - a cold is all - but after he left last Thursday he spiked a fever that lasted through the weekend.  We will see how long Miss Harper has hers...her hot little body actually felt pretty good pressed up against my back last night.

Right now we are camped out on the couch with a box of Kleenex and a Backyardigans DVD.  Yesterday I took some pictures of stuff to list on etsy this morning (while she was at school) and I might still get to it today.  We'll see. 

(side note #1:  I love how she says she has "the cough."  It sounds so old fashioned.  "Mom, do I have to stay home today because I still have the cough?")

Anyways, here are a few pictures of the kids last night.  It was the first time James really played with the dollhouse since we brought it home.  They had a lot of fun together.  (side note #2:  Ever since reading that book NurtureShock I am always observing their they resolve conflict, how often they play nice, who compromises, etc.  That was a pretty good book.  I guess I can't really interpret what their play habits mean but I pay attention now.  I think they'll be okay...there seems to be a good blend of stuff going on..and compassion, which is apparently important for good long term relationships.  huh.  who knew?  ;) )

Oh, well first, here is her blanket.  Ooooooh,  check out those rounded corners.  I am so fancy.  (I used a dinner plate)  She likes it and used it last night until she came in our room.

Her room normally looks like this, or worse:

James, mad at being busted playing with a dollhouse:

But he didn't really care.  See the Lego motorcycle?  He plays on his own terms.



  1. Hi Stephanie, glad to hear from you, great dollhouse!! I have a bunch of the dolls at Absolutely Art on Atwood ave. If you don't find ones you like let me know & I'll make you a few more. take care! Lily

  2. The blanket is adorable. Sorry to hear Ruby isn't feeling well. Will be praying it doesn't last long.

  3. "the cough" - so sweet. I bet you incorporate that into your language too. One of the nice unexpected joys of having kids -- you get a whole new way to speak! :)


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