the last supper

until lunch tomorrow, anyways.

Yup, I failed the one hour glucose test and have to take the 3 hour tomorrow morning.  ugh.  I just barely missed the high end of normal so I have to fast from 8:30 tonight until I get there to start the test at 8:30 tomorrow.  Then I have to drink lots of gross stuff and they check my blood and pee* every hour until 11:30, when I can finally go home and eat.  (and eat and eat and eat)  ;)

I was feeling pretty guilty when I got the news on it's my fault (I haven't eaten the healthiest diet this time around)...but talking with a couple friends who've had it and reading more about's very common and not necessarily my fault.  (although I don't think the bowls of ice cream every night coupled with no exercise in months could have helped)  Of course, I don't even know if I have gestational diabetes (what this test is for, in case you don't know what the heck I'm talking about) yet so I did manage to put most of that guilt on hold and enjoyed my weekend.  Plenty of time to punish myself after tomorrow. 

((I say all this because we can be harder on ourselves than on anyone else.  I have 3 close friends who've had gestational diabetes and I never once thought any of them brought it on themselves...just making that clear!  I only judge myself so harshly.  Hello, Ms. Therapist?  This is Stephanie...))

So, right now our kids are tucked in and I will soon make some scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and toast.  yum! 

I'll probably be back sometime tomorrow but maybe not until Tuesday.  I hope you all had fine little weekends.  xoxoox

*I hate the word urine.  Did you know urine is sterile??  I know someone who used to claim that it was okay to pee in their own bath water because urine is sterile.  They will never live that down.  Not on my watch.  :) 


  1. Yes, not necesarily your fault! I ate all of the junk in the world when I was pg with Iris and didn't get it. I know people, including a very healthy naturopath!, who had it in their pregnancies.

    I am hoping for you that it's negative! I know it's such a pain to go through.

  2. I had to take the 3 hour test when pregnant with Maddox, and it turned out fine. No gestational diabetes. And it is NOT your fault!! I would make sure they have a place for you to lie down though. I had to request it and it helps.

  3. Thank you both. I am starting to feel this way, too. If only because worrying & guilt are tiring. :) xoxo

  4. I had gestational diabetes with both, and was 35 & 36 at delivery. It never dawned on me to blame myself, as I was sure it was my diabetic dad's fault ;-)

    It's not such a bad thing to be under a nutritionist's guidance while baby-building. My healthy boy's were both a little over 8 lbs at birth, and my body hadn't looked so good since junior high.

  5. You are very right, Anon. I think that following the diet would be nothing but good for me. A hard adjustment, for sure, but so good. We'll see...

    thanks for commenting!

  6. Oh, that was me up there, Stephanie!
    So right about the diet, I often think I should return to it. I'm glad it worked out that it was a false alarm for you. And my goodness, I hope you're puke free for the weekend!



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