a lesson in gratitude

I feel like complaining about how James is feeling so lousy now and how Ruby randomly puked at dinnertime and how...well, you know, the life of a family with kids.  It's tiring sometimes.  You know what's even more tiring?  Dwelling on it. 

So, instead, let me tell you about my weekend, ok?  Because it was really good and I really appreciated every minute of it. 

It started out with Patrick home on Friday.  He had an extra vacation day to use by Friday so he, uh, used it on Friday.  We sat on the couch mostly and watched Erin Brockovich for what felt like days while Ruby alternated between watching with us and playing in her room.  That afternoon, after school, we took the kids to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at the cheap theater.  (what a deal that place is!)  Afterwards Patrick waited with the kids while I ran into a thrift store and found a few more cute things for baby G.

On Saturday I took the kids out so Patrick could peacefully work downstairs for a while.  He worked all afternoon and got a lot done.  The kids and I had a pretty nice time even though part of it was spent at WalMart.  Now, I don't hate WalMart like lots of people, I do prefer Target, but WalMart on a Saturday afternoon?  OH MY GOSH.  What a busy nightmare.  I did get them each a new comforter and some curtains for their soon to be shared bedroom, though, so that was good.  I called Patrick on the way home and he put the bacon on so we came home and had bacon and chicken noodle soup with bacon on top.  :) 

On Sunday we actually made it to church for the first time in weeks and it was good.  The drive to church was almost spiritual in itself.  We had had a frost the night before and it was just AMAZING.  I so wished I had my camera but we never would have made it to church if I would have.  It was just breathtaking.  After church we took the kids to lunch and then I parted ways with them to meet my friends for coffee.  I got home and wrote about making eggs, made eggs and proceeded to go to bed early. 

See, writing this all out has made me feel much better.  I may get woken up later with one or two kids puking but whatever.  My life is so good and so full of small things that make me so very, very happy.  What more could I ask for? 


p.s.  pictures tomorrow.  :)  (maybe.  unless I'm up to my elbows in puke.)


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