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Thank you all for the happy wishes on behalf of Andrea & Ronan...this really is so exciting!  I can't wait to buy her stuff.  :)


I made this soup last night and I have to say that it was DELICIOUS.  I used chicken and added some left over gravy and the flavor was great.  I also used low fat soy milk and my roux still thickened right up and the soup had a nice rich flavor.  (used Earth Balance margarine)  I'd like to try a standard wild rice soup recipe but that requires more planning ahead than I can usually manage these days.  Anyways, should try it next time you have extra chicken.  :)


Earlier in the week I had invited some friends over for coffee and thought about a last minute cancellation after I agreed to babysit yesterday...thought it might be just too much for me, you know, having to get dressed two days in a row.  Well, I decided not to cancel and I'm really glad.  It was so nice to see my friends and even with the 8 kids that were here it didn't feel too crowded or hectic. 

Our group is so big now (even with the big kids at school) that I have hesitated to invite everyone over because there is just no room.  Of course, someday, when the mythical lower level is finished, there will be PLENTY of room...I can't wait!  So today was nice.  Not everyone could make it so while I was sad not to see everyone, it worked out well. 

When I think about this I feel very blessed.  How nice to have such a big circle of friends that I can't fit them and all their cute kids in my house at one time.  :)  Someday...


Our babysitter (that we thought flaked on us last month) contacted us through her mother to let us know that she had tried to call us back.  So she's coming on Sunday!  Yay!  I'm looking forward to a little time with Patrick and maybe a nice dinner with some of the gift cards we got for Christmas.  We also need to spend some time with a baby name book as we aren't really any closer to even any possibilities for this little one tucked inside of me.  My family had lots of suggestions for us over Christmas but Patrick shot them all down.  His favorites were the ones the guys came up with like "Bruce Lee G....." and "Steven Seagal G...."  They are all so funny.


And just a shot from our morning:

I probably won't be back until next week...I hope you all have a warm & snug weekend.  xoxo


  1. "tucked inside of me" so sweet:) So comments are a little like thank you notes for me- if I don't write them right away, I often forget. But, I am very happy for your sis, too! Very exciting and such a special time for a couple:)

    And you are right, what a blessing to have so many friends:) Happy Weekend!


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