my first two hours alone

and I am babysitting my neighbor's son. sigh. There's always Monday, right? He is a very sweet kid but he & Ruby were at each other's throats all morning and I think I have to put up a baby gate because he will not stay out of the lower level. (where Patrick's tools are so very tempting...) I wanted to help her out it's just that I had a fun plan for myself today. :( Alright, I think I'm done pouting now.

Now, my family members might choke but I have to say that I had this shower curtain first! (for like 5 years now but I still like how fresh it feels) My bathroom looks almost exactly like my mother's !! She has a tall shelf in her bathroom (that is much cuter than mine) so I came home and copied her. James has had this one since he was a baby but didn't mind me taking it. I'd like a cuter one someday but until I find one this will be fine. I got the little lamp at Target yesterday and Patrick and I both like how cozy it feels in there at night. (yes, we are kind of strange)

Here is another thing I wanted to do after we got home...clean this corner out. It was full of everything you see on the top of the shelf in the next picture and made the kitchen always feel messy and cluttered to me. I'd like this stuff on a desk someday but again, for right now, this makes me happy.

You can see my January check list on the bulletin board. I can't wait until Saturday when I can make a couple of checks. :) (for getting through the week with no pop and having our one meat free meal)
I am at the point now where I can't do any exercises lying on my back so my favorite Yogilates is out. I got a couple of DVDs from the library that I'm going to try over the next couple of days, ones specifically for pregos. I found an online prenatal yoga that I did yesterday and it felt really good.

We are getting a lot of snow today so it is very pretty and much warmer outside than it has been. Little neighbor boy has settled in nicely with some crayons and I'm thinking this day is going to be just fine.

If not, I'll be back later to vent. :) OH! How could I forget we had our first visit to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday afternoon! We went with Wendy and her girls as it was Megan's birthday and my kids loved it. James got a little psycho with the ticket thing. He was flushed and his eyes were wildly darting back and was kind of scary. They actually have a few things there that he could eat so I think we'll make another visit there sometime. (as long as I have a coupon!) :) (I got my coupons, Wendy, you were right...they were in my spam box.) (If you sign up on their website they send you coupons.)



  1. I'm embarrassed to say that I've already fallen of the soda wagon Stephanie. I'm a loser so far. But, I did work out today and I have limited myself to one soda per day . . .which is an improvement in itself! The best time to go to Chuckie cheese is Sunday morning, it's a ghost town and SO much more enjoyable then busy times. Odin LOVES chucky cheese, loves it. Awesome news about you sister, sweet little baby cousins in the future. :)


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