my sister's new years resolution

GROW A TINY FAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, my dear little seester is pregnant!!!!!! I can hardly type that without weeping. I am so happy for her and Ronan! It's like it keeps sinking in a little more every day and I just cannot believe I get to be an auntie!! Love it. So happy!

I also love this email I got from her this morning:

I am nauseated from the time I wake up. All I can eat is baked potatoes and chips. I had ginger for breakfast. At 10:30 when I woke up. :) HOw are you feeling? xoxoxo

Heehee! She's really pregnant!!!!

(I don't love that she's nauseous, mind you, that sucks.)

happy, happy, happy. xoxooxoxo


  1. And, I, the mothership of you two little motherships can't believe it either! Two new little baby-ducks on the sister Lee and I were pregnant at the same time twice, and believe me, it's wonderful to have someone so close to share it all with. Not to mention watching the little cousins grow up together, but you both know all about that don't you? I'm sure all your cousintines are so happy for you, too. God is so sweet to us. I love you all. xoxo
    p.s. Annie, the baby will need more than an occasional baked potato. Will you keep trying other things a little at a time please :)?

  2. CONGATS to your sister! I am sloop happy for them. Is it weird to be happy for someone you have never meet? I hope she feels better very soon(tell her to try fish oil . .it helped me)

  3. Congratulations to Andrea!! How incredibly exciting!! And how wonderful that the 2 of you can go through this together!
    Being an Aunti is so much fun!

  4. Awwww!!!! That's awesome!! Congrats to your sister!!! :)

  5. what a great way to start a new year! Congrats to your whole family. It's wonderful to share a pregnancy with someone, I mean, of course, in addition to the father of the baby. :)

  6. You're funny seester~ Thank you for all the well wishes!! I love You xoxo
    ~an no, I really meant ginger. Not Ginger ale...Gross eh? It was crystallized! :)Seester


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