I'm so happy.  My results for the 3 hour test I took this morning just came back negative.  No gestational diabetes to worry about.  My main concern about that whole thing was that it can contribute to Pre eclampsia.  (I know it usually is easy to treat with diet or meds but in my worrying mind, that's what scared me.  I would like this baby to stay inside as long as possible, thank you very much.) (but not longer than April 4th, okay, baby?)  So, anyways...I felt really good throughout the test so it wasn't a bad morning at all.  I didn't even feel hungry until I met Patrick at Panera and then wanted to order one of everything.  :)  The one thing I did feel?  TIRED.  That one cup of coffee I have in the morning sure impacts my body.  Maybe I should give up caffeine for February?  NOT.

Oh, another thing I found out?  You are supposed to avoid high sugar foods before the one hour test.  (even before your four hour fast)  Want to know what I had as my last snack that day?  Huh?  Do you?  PIE and ICE CREAM. 

I never said I was that smart.  (or that I always eat healthy snacks.)

Got to go make some coffee now.  I am still dragging and don't want a headache to surface before the crucial dinner hour funtime.



  1. what a relief. enjoy your dinner hour funtime! I know I (won't, I mean) will!


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