So here is the job Patrick was working on...putting up this small coat rack at the kids' level. I also finally finished the curtain hanging there...I think I've had that fabric since last summer. Feels good.

Wendy's daughter got a small sewing machine for her birthday and when I asked her for gift ideas she suggested I give her some of my fabric scraps.  How fun!  Of course I had to go out and buy her some cute fabric...especially when JoAnn's had an additional 50% off all of their clearance fabric.  I got a cute little variety of pink & purple with some smaller scissors and matching threads.  I loved buying this gift.  I hope someday I can do this for Ruby.  I really hope Megan likes it.

Here is a close up of the mermaid fleece. I bought some of this to make Ruby a small blanket as I thought it was sooooo cute. It's laid out on my floor right now, getting measured and cut. (I cannot stay down on my knees as long as I used to.) I found my favorite kind of vintage sheet down in my stash that is perfect for the back...I love old stiff & cool cotton sheets.

When my neighbor came over to get her son on Thursday she brought me some note cards she made. She photographed Ruby and our lilies last summer and made prints of them for these adorable cards. I thought it was so sweet of her and I love them.

So now I notice that I've said I love stuff about 1,000,000 times in this post. How about some stuff I don't love? How I hurt myself exercising yesterday morning and had to go to bed for 2 hours instead of to church. Luckily, the tylenol, rest & heating pad helped and it didn't stay so sore. I WILL NOT be working my obliques again (on purpose) until after I have this child. I also don't love how Ruby was still up when we got home at 9:30 last night and how she is SO CRABBY today. (although I did love my 1.5 hours alone this morning....sooooo nice.) (and I did love my date with Patrick last night...dinner and a movie compliments of my mom & dad...thanks you two!)

I am madly craving pop now, after 10 days without it. OJ and seltzer is good but not quite what I want. Do you want to be my bff? Bring me a LARGE diet Coke with lots of ice. :) xoxoxoxo


  1. I'm laughing right now - don't do it, walk away from the soda machine when you go to get gas! I love the mermaid material, might have to get some for myself. What did you and P go see?

  2. sherlock was pretty good. I think that one you wanted to see is at the cheap theater. any free time this weekend? :)

  3. You can do it Steph!!

    the fabrics were very cute.

  4. We posted at exactly the same time!!

  5. ha! so we did. :) thanks, I'm sure going to try...

  6. I imagine you're feeling how I might feel if I had to give up sweet iced tea:) I say go for it- life's too short. But don't let me a bad influence! Great gift ideas (yours and hers). Maybe Poppy and I can learn to sew together seeing as how I can not find the time to sit and tinker.

  7. I would love to bring you a huge Diet Coke with lots of ice. Just because it would make you so happy..... but on the other hand, supporting your new idea would make you just as happy so I'll do that. :)
    Love all the fabrics - I'm sure she will love it :)

  8. Thanks, Susan! Either way, I appreciate your support. :)

    And Holly, you just might be a bad influence! (but that's okay, too...)

  9. I'm late reading your blog and just saw your picture - Megan will love it!! She's been begging me to open up her sewing machine and get it set up, but I'm making her wait until we have time to sit down together for a couple of hours and really get into it - probably this weekend. That was really sweet of you!!! :)


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