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Holy Cats! It's 2010!! Awesome. How is your year so far? I hate to sound too chipper but mine has been pretty great. We came home last Friday and had such a nice weekend just being here and alternating between doing pesky little tasks and relaxing together. For whatever reason Patrick was all into the cleaning and moving stuff around so it was especially fun. (I didn't have to badger/threaten/holler like I usually do.) :) (although my new coat hook thing for the kids' jackets is still in the entry way...stay tuned...I'll update you.) (thrilling as usual around here!)

Have you set any goals for the new year? I am going to try something new every month, taking April and May OFF due to a newborn, and hope to have that list ready by the end of the week. So far? For January:

*One meat free meal a week. I have been buying 95% organic meat for a while and our grocery budget has increased a bit but less than I thought. (I still like Jennie O ground turkey burgers the best and I am sure those turkeys are not treated very well. sigh. I also started buying organic eggs (this week) because I know the chickens giving conventional eggs are not being KILLED for them but are still mistreated. Organic dairy and cheese seem to be the most expensive transition but maybe later in the year that will be one of my goals...) One meat free meal a week should help off set that cost increase even more and will be good for us. This week I am going to try Lentil Tacos. Patrick made a note of that so he can eat out. (so let's be one will probably eat this meat free meal except for me...but you never know.) (he's sweet, isn't he?) Eating meat free would be so much easier with eggs in the picture as a meal option but OH WELL. (no bitterness here!)

**as an aside, I have no problem eating animals. I think in general we eat too many animals but that is another story. My main reason for switching to Whole Foods meat (or any organic meat) is because the animals are treated slightly better before they are killed. This has been something that has literally been on my mind for years and something I've tried to change before. This is the longest I've ever stuck with it and it feels good. I'd also like to say that I still eat out and eat meat out...not claiming perfection over here.

Talk about a tangent! Okay, goal for January #2...

*Stop drinking pop with HFCS OR artificial sweeteners. sigh. This has also been on my mind since I got knocked up. It's going to be hard, especially if I go to McDonald's or something. (I love a big glass of pop with lots of ice from McDonald's, don't you?) I'm only going to try this one and see what happens. I can still drink natural pop (made with sugar) and fizzy juices (blueberry IZZE, anyone?). I am also cheating a little and still allowing Starbucks. Come on, one thing at a time! Like I said, I have been feeling guilty about drinking any kind of pop since I got pregnant but hadn't stopped. Hadn't really thought to stop, actually. A while ago my friend Heidi mentioned she was thinking about quitting and that inspired me to think about it. :) Thanks, Heidi.

Okay, last one...

*Resume exercising. I have 1,000,000 excuses why it's been hard to exercise with this pregnancy but whatever, Stephanie. My body was so limber and now I feel stiff. I don't like it at all. My goal for January is 3x a week, whatever I want.

And now I am officially sick of talking about myself. Enjoy your Monday and let me know your goals if you made them! xoxo


  1. Atta girl Steph! I'm inspired by your goals =) This year I hope to be more independent and less self absorbed... and obviously win the big bucks at rodeos with Rumble =)

    It was great seeing you guys, I really missed those kids. Also, James left his Pokemon cards at our house, we'd be happy to mail them if he misses them!

    xoxo Cousin Rachel

  2. You are such a stitch! Knocked up? Tee hee. Anyhoo. My resolution? Well, let's start with losing the 4 pounds I gained eating my own stupid Christmas cookies . . . no, really. I just want to be less judgmental, more active, and worry about cleaning less and playing with the kids more. That's about it. Happy New Year!

  3. See, now you're going to make me HAVE to quit soda since I put the idea in your head!!! :) I've been pondering it forever, tomorrow I start!

  4. Rach - It was so good to see you. I hope you & Rumble have another good year together, too. :) It would be great if you could mail his cards...he is missing them. xoxo

    Allison, I am with you on the playing more, cleaning less.

    Heidi - sorry. :) But yay! A partner!!

  5. Happy New Year!!
    I love the meat free idea. We try to do two a week and usually do pasta or homemade pizza (feels a bit like cheating, eh? But no meat!). Or a veggie plate with baked potatoes and corn/cabbage with fresh bread. Have you seen Food Inc.? It's worth watching, for SURE. I too need to commit to organic dairy Maybe that will be my January resolution.

    Just wanted to say hi and that I LOVE Ruby's dollhouse. What a wonderful gift.

  6. Happy New Year:) My goal is to plan ahead/ stop procrastinating! I love your goals:) We're 99% veggie so I make that lentil taco recipe quite a bit- a little "earthy" (as my husband likes to say-lol) but pretty good for a meat substitute. I second the Food Inc. recommendation- I think of that movie every time I walk into the grocery store now. Also, the book Fast Food Nation- it just might be the kick in the pants you need to give up pop:) Whole Foods Cola (I think 365 brand) isn't too bad and I'm pretty sure no HFCS. Good Luck!


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