ruby's rockets

Oh my gosh, I love these little rockets.  My girl.  xoxoxo

James definitely has some bug.  He kept nothing down all morning but his little body is now successfully accepting 2 peeled apple slices and one sip of water every 15 minutes, for the last hour and a half.  Progress, for sure.

I had my ups and downs today.  There were some tears, which is unusual for me, but I let them come and felt better afterwards.  I have this cold, too, and I think it's finally all catching up with me.  I especially hate peeing myself every time I sneeze or blow my nose really hard.  (sorry.) 

I might venture out this evening for a break as tomorrow probably holds more of the same for us.  I probably won't be back until Monday unless I have something fun and crafty to show you.  (something I started today, which did help me feel better.)

Thanks for the encouraging words, peeps.  xoxo


  1. Hey Steph. I am sorry about all the illnes you and the kids have had. yuck. I really hope you can get a break tonight. That is rough, even when not pregnant, can't imagine dealing with it all while being pregnant. Will be praying for you!


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