scratching that nesting itch

I won't bore you with the details, well, I might share a particularly funny one later on, but I got very sick on Thursday night and was in bed all day on Friday.  Thank God I felt better on Saturday, weak, but no more horrible stomach cramps or anything.  James was better on Friday and, so far, Patrick hasn't gotten it yet.  How does he rate?!  Lucky dog.  I was so thankful that he was able to take care of me and the kids on Friday and hope he won't get was awful.

On Saturday afternoon, just to get out of the house and breathe some clean air for a while, we went to get the kids' bunk beds.

Patrick put them together yesterday and we all love them.

We gave Ruby the choice of where to sleep last night and she picked the new bed, so we went for it.  We only had to scold them once at bedtime and Ruby only woke up once during the night.  (the promise of a sticker chart for a whole night spent in bed got her back to dreamland...this morning she only wanted a couple mini marshmallows as a reward.  fine by me.  I have no great hope or fear about tonight...time will tell.)

(taken with the flash last night)

I went to Target yesterday and got a truckload of storage baskets which was very satisfying, especially because they were 50% off. 

They each have a wheeled one at the end of the bed and James has 4 blue ones under the bed (playmobil, small lego, lincoln logs, wooden blocks.)

Ruby has 4 blue and white baskets on this (soon to be white) red metal shelf (holding stuffed animals, junk she's collected and cannot part with treasures, stuffed animals, more junk treasures.)  Her doll house and the bulk of their books are still in the baby's room and will stay there until you-know-what is finished.


I was going to paint each of their entire dressers this blue color but now might only do the drawers as I think the blue will just be TOO MUCH with all the other blue in the room.  (do ya think? I can hear you all laughing...)

I am quite pleased with the blue lamp I scored at the dig and how this earth pillow my mom gave James matches everything perfectly.  I predict some maps going up on the wall some day.

In the closet we just split the hanging space in half, put in James' little blue drawer thing (that has his underwear, socks, and misc. toys), and Ruby's drawer thing that has more of her, you guessed it, treasures.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much of their stuff we fit in here without it looking too cluttered.  I hadn't been counting on the under the bed storage which obviously played a huge role.  Nice.

In case you're curious, we spent $700 on the whole thing...bed (converts to two twin beds, solid wood, very sturdy), 2 mattresses, 2 sets of sheets, 2 comforters, 2 pairs of curtains, 1 lamp, 1 shade, and, um, ten new storage bins.  This was a big splurge of all new purchasing for us, save the lamp, but it feels and looks good and it's done NOW, which doesn't always happen when you're thrifting pieces.  All my thriftiness earns us an occasional splurge in my opinion. 

Today I moved some stuff around in Ruby's old room so I can start filling up baby's dresser with his tiny clean clothes.  This feels good as I have been longing to do it for a while now.  There are pangs of sadness (on my part and Ruby's) for her little lost sanctuary but I'm reminding myself that A) this isn't forever B) she can roll with the punches pretty well and C) she is getting a new brother out of this whole mess.

If you read all of this I am amazed.  Thank you for once again following along as I document these seemingly small things that really do mean a lot to me.  xoxo


  1. Everything looks great!!! I love bunk beds and I'm trying to convince a certain someone that they would be perfect in our little mans room. You are the planning and organizing super woman!!!!

  2. Seester I love it! Everything is so cute! Whatever happened to me a t's old bunk beds? How's baby G? Glad you are feeling better. xoxo me.

  3. I totally remember that pang of sadness when awaiting #3's arrival -- that #2's bedroom situation (and everything else) was changing. It's probably more of the everything else than the bedroom that's the big deal, but the bedroom makes is so much more tangible. ANYWAY, it all looks great! Storage bins are lifesavers!

  4. The bedroom looks fantastic. Want to come over here and help me out? Everything looks great Steph.

  5. Thank you all! I am available for consultation! (and trips to Target!) ;)

    You are dead on, Teresa.


  6. Good job you guys! I can't believe you got that all finished in one day. It looks wonderful. I'm just so curious how their bedtime has been going, I think they probably think up all kinds of fun things to do once that door is closed :) Hey...nice pillow matches! Anyway, we'll talk soon, ok? Just think, pretty soon Annie and Ronan will be planning a baby's room, too. It's crib will probably have a gigantic carved headboard, hmmmm? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah...oh man, I crack myself up sometimes. mom/gramma

  7. Everything looks FAB Steph!! Congrats on the bunk beds (sooo cool for J & R) and all the organized--and color coordinated-ha!- spaces.


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