Ruby slept for nearly 2 hours in this tote yesterday afternoon:

James, yesterday afternoon.  He wouldn't touch the pink play dohs.  He also flat out refused to see The Princess and the Frog over the weekend.  The little boy ways are setting in...  (but yes, he will still sport a fish sticker from the library)

He's looking a bit better today but last night was tough. Ruby's nights were the worst last week, too. (no puking, thank God.)

Ruby, yesterday afternoon. I swear her favorite part of painting lately is cleaning it all up.

We have had beautiful sunlight the last 2 days. 

Ruby was sick a couple more times last night but thankfully she was in her bed and we were ready for it.  (the first time was downstairs, quite unexpectedly, and landed all over Patrick (ha!*), the couch and the rug.)  She never had a fever and has been fine so far today so who knows what caused it.  We think of these episodes now as part of Ruby's normal life...she just pukes sometimes.  huh.

Yesterday I kept them busy with lots of fun stuff...experiments with food coloring and water, ISpy Bingo, play doh, painting, I am letting them fend for themselves while I catch up on laundry.  Oh yeah, and read my book.  (It is soooooo good.)  Tomorrow morning will finally be my glucose test and I am quite over the whole thing already.  I really appreciated your comments and emails...lots of support and good points.  Thank you.  xoxox


James, this morning:  Mom, I think we could put the small end of the air compressor in my nose, shut the other part of my nose, and blow this stuff out of my ears.

J:  Don't worry, Mom.  We can play Twister after that baby comes out.

R:  Please take that thing out of your hair, Mom.  I like when your hair points down.

S:  NO!  Put those blue ones back on.
R:  NO!  I tooted in them and they are stinky!  Smell them.

*I can laugh at him because he hasn't been puked on since they were babies and, OH MY GOSH, I have.


  1. I like the pic of R cleaning up with the light shining in from the patio door.

    I had fun too - hope I didn't bruise your leg from hitting you over and over.

  2. I can't even get my kids to sleep in their beds and Ruby will sleep in a tote??? :)Really hope all the sickies have passed. Good luck on your test today, it's be fine!!!!


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