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The kids both have doctor appointments this morning.  James for an ear ache that kept him up howling for most of the night and Ruby to get her cough checked (not improving) and because her fever came back last night. 

The worst part of all of this is James' moaning, whining and howling.  Has anyone had a child who is very vocal like this when they're sick?  It makes me want to scream, it's so hard to listen to it for hours.  And last night he pushed us to our limit.  He was SO out of sorts even after the Motrin kicked in that he couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfortable, couldn't make any decisions (his words)...and kept up that horrible noise.  We both tried sleeping with him, comforting him, getting him what he wanted until we were finally like, "SHUT UP and GO TO SLEEP."  So he did.  (We didn't really say shut up but I felt shut up.) 

For the last how long now? Patrick and I have been getting up multiple times a night for multiple ailments and last night we finally lost it with each other as well.  I told him he was such a jerk and he ripped a towel out of my hand.  That was a fun little addition to James' concerto.  Thankfully, as it usually works out, Patrick and I are fine this morning.  We gave each other our "you are special" smiles and got on with it.  There's something to be said for years of on-the-job experience. 

So, while I felt murderous when I first got up, I am feeling better now.  Once again both kids get to be seen at the same time this morning, a trip out of the house is never a bad thing on a day like today, James and Ruby both went to school for most of this week (praise God), our house is fully stocked with groceries, James got his first report card yesterday and we are really proud of him, I will make time for a nap later and maybe say "screw it" to everything else and sew for a while.  And another big thing I'm thankful for?  That this little one is on the inside for all of this.  It seems like April can usually be a round of stomach flu but maybe since we had ours in January we won't get it then?  One can only hope.  Oh yeah!  And another thing?  I can totally still handle a little sleep deprivation, even better than I remembered I could. 



  1. Hey Steph, sorry to hear about your night and the illnesses. That is rough. Really rough.

    Hopefully the Dr will also give you those ear numbing drops. i forget the name. I'll be praying the antibiotics kick in FAST and that you have a restful night full of refreshing and rejuvanating (spelling is wrong?) sleep.

    Way to find the things to be thankful for during those hard moments! I need to do that more often.

    Love ya!

  2. Stephanie--my question is, do you write your post titles before you write your post, or after? Great post title--and of course I read every word of the post. I am sorry there are tough times going on--but Spring is just around the corner! That's my mantra right now. (hugs)

  3. Thank you both. We DID get outer ear drops for the first time. I'm not sure if they numb him but his ear is draining now so some of the horrible pressure is gone. And Ruby does not have pneumonia so that was good news. They are both on antibiotics so hopefully will sleep tonight. (she has an ear infection, too, but milder)
    Allison, always after. :) Thank you for the reminder of spring. Thank God for that. :) I loved the pics of your kids, today. (I want Ella's hair!)

  4. May you rest well, sweet woman.



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