100 days

 this one was for me:

this one was for him:


Okay, so I added this "reactions" thing on the bottom of each post.  You can click on your matching reaction to what I've written, if I've listed it, of course.  I wish you could customize these for each individual post, though, so I'm not sure if I'll ever use it again.  :)  Also, a new banner today!  Is it too hard to tell my blog name?  Thanks.


  1. I like it. Maybe a tad bigger. But the tag line is the best. That is one cute boy!

  2. Thanks Allison. :) I made the banner bigger but might play around with the pic itself later on to get the thermos bigger.

  3. awww. James is so cute! and the shirt looks great! I really like your banner. How do you do such cute ones?

  4. Thanks, Jules. I use Picasa to add the text. How do you make yours? I love your new flowers.

  5. Picasa! Who knew?! I just use the blogger one where you upload a picture. I have been trying to download free fonts, but haven't been able to to use them on my blog. Thanks for the tip.

    Also love the pictures from your walk. Looked like a lot of fun.

    i love those flowers too. But the leaves are turning yellow. i have a feeling they won't last long, but for .88 I can't complain. Maybe I can just keep buying new ones every couple weeks until summer. :)


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