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Here is Patrick launching himself off of a swing and over James and another young camper last summer. So glad he made it.

Anyways, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful in a good way. Ruby was home with me on Friday as my neighbor unexpectedly had to work. (good thing I didn't get my hopes up!) (I just had a feeling it wasn't going to happen last week.) We went to a friend's house in the morning and then took a trip to the dig afterwards. I love my little smooch so much. I keep seeing these glimpses of a seemingly older Ruby coming through and they amaze me. She is so perceptive and so tuned in to me and our's like she knows what I'm feeling without me saying so. Or sometimes she'll say just what I've been 3.5! Girls are neat, emotional outbursts and all.

On Saturday I woke up with an agenda and had Patrick making lists with me by 9:30am. By 10:30am I was sound asleep on the couch, only to wake up at noon for lunch and then retire to my bed for a couple of more hours. So much for my agenda...I guess all that tiredness finally caught up with me. I truly felt unable to move until late afternoon. At one point the kids and Patrick were up here with me and I was reading to them from a kind of creepy Batman book that James had brought home from the library. Ruby was lying behind my head and I heard her breathing change...Patrick checked and sure enough, she was asleep. The creepy story sent her right into dreamland. She was up a lot coughing Saturday night so I'm glad I got a lot of extra sleep in during the day.

I woke up today feeling like myself again. Well, like my pregnant know. Typically in the winter I love to get outside with the kids and go hiking, build fires, etc. This winter? Zero interest, thank you very much. However Patrick talked me into going for a family walk today and it really was fun. I told him to prod me again in the future so I hope he does. I'll post some pics tomorrow probably.

Tonight I made Patrick his annual vat of taco dip and he watched the game until half time. We put the kids to bed and watched the second half of the LOST premiere. Now he's back downstairs watching again and I am about to read for a while before sleep.

a few more notes:

The first week of no facebook went well. I'm finding that when I have the urge to check it is when I've done everything else I normally do online but want to hang around a little more. It's a big clue to sign off and DO SOMETHING because I am obviously bored and looking to be entertained by others. I'm thinking that after the February Facebook Freeze I will just check in once a week. Just enough to see what everyone is up to and keep in touch with the people I really want to.

The compost? Eh. It's all in my garage, waiting to be brought around the corner. Can you say LAZY??

One pop a week? FAIL. I had 2.

Eating out? Well, Ruby and I had 2 meals at McDonald's in one day (isn't that awful??) but that was it so for the whole week...success!

Exercise? Good. 2x last week and today's walk is already starting me out good for this week. I am happy to say that I haven't gained any weight since before Christmas. I haven't been trying to lose or anything but did lose a couple pounds over Christmas due to less snacking, I think. Since then I've gained and lost the same couple of pounds and am now sitting exactly at where I was with the last 2 pregnancies at this time. Not too bad for a carb addict. :) I know the water weight is just around the corner so I'm just going to try and keep eating (fairly) healthy for the next 4 weeks and then just enjoy the puffy ride to the finish.

Patrick just came up, game over. Time to sign off, my lovelies. See you tomorrow! xoxo


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