the bear made me buy it

I would like to learn how to crochet just to make these.

Someday I hope I print out some of these for myself Ruby.

I've had this recipe saved since last summer.  Maybe I'll actually make it this summer?

It's almost Valentine's Day...have you made your Love Ninja yet?  (I haven't but I'd like to.)

Awesome tutorial.

This was very helpful as I am now mouse free.

Vintage valentines to love.

Just one of the cool things I've found on this awesome blog.

I bought this jam because of the bear on the label. 

It has not disappointed. 

(I have a thing for bears.  Once, many years ago, I had a dream I had a rather intimate relationship with one.  I KNOW.  I have no idea where that came from but it wasn't creepy, you'll just have to believe me.)  (I bet a good many of you just hit UNSUBSCRIBE.)

Mine is STJEFFĂ…NNI.  What's yours?  (via How About Orange ... a wonderfully fun blog.)

The grocer was out of plain creamer yesterday so I got one of the newer flavored creamers in White Chocolate Mocha.  ick.  (here's a coupon if you don't believe me.)

I really want to make these with the kids.  Maybe some bites and let them make some shapes.


I could go on and on but must stop due to an impending dr. appointment and a super pigsty of a house.  My kids built a major fort in the kitchen on Monday (how wonderful! and creative!) and now I have just about HAD IT with tripping over all this crap in my kitchen. 



  1. You could TOTALLY learn to crochet- it's something that I would like to relearn and maybe make some of those apples...oh and I have a pretzel recipe that is easy/peazy AND it doesn't have the boiling step. They were deelish. I'll send it to you.

  2. Never knew about the bear.

  3. Don't you remember everyone growling at me at the Locker Room? (Buck and Mick particularly stand out in my mind.) :)

  4. I don't remember that! However, if I don't remember much about what happened at the Locker Room :) That's hilarious! Buck and Mick. I can see them doing that.

  5. Thanks, Kari, I'd love that recipe. :)

  6. Can I have the pretzel recipe, too??? And can I make pretzels with out a mixer with a bread hook? Just lots of kneading? Grace loves pretzels!

  7. Yes, Kathy. When I get it I'll pass it on to you!


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