I am so tired!  I have been sleeping well at night (do not take that for granted anymore so I really appreciate a good stretch) but just sooooo tired these last couple of days.  I took a nap while Ruby was at preschool this morning and actually do feel more like myself now, thank goodness.  I have had a head cold for weeks and it might be wearing on me.  I have not wanted to start wishing this time away, and I still don't, but honestly?  That spring air is going to feel especially good this year.

Yesterday we met Wendy & Allison at McDonald's so the girls could play and it felt so good to be out of the house and with friends.  I am still struggling to catch up around here as being gone in the morning really messes up my routine.  I think it's worth it but when I get off track it's so easy to let it all go to pot.  The kids have also been playing SO WELL together this week but playing well together means lots of messes.  Add a mama too tired to make them clean it up before bed and, well, it's pretty bad.  :)  But now the dishes are done, the living room is picked up, I'm back on speaking terms with the laundry (we did need a little time apart, the laundry and I), I know what's for dinner, the kitchen table is cleaned off...things are definitely headed in the right direction.  I don't mind a messy house (a good thing because it usually is messy) but I do find it hard to relax and let myself do something fun when it's a big mess.  And I did kind of start something fun...

A quilt top!  My first one.  It will be a stacked coins design, the one design that I have always admired when I've seen it pop up on blogs.  Mine might be a slightly tippy stack of coins, but that's okay.  Baby won't mind.  I also am not sure if I'm going to actually quilt it.  I like soft and squishy baby blankets so I might back it with this vintage chenille that I bought for James' room (way back when) or some really soft minky-type fleece.  We'll see.  I'm in no hurry here, just want to work on it when the mood strikes.  (like maybe tomorrow if Ruby is at my neighbor's??)  ;)

And before I sign off to help Ruby sweep the kitchen floor, a couple shots of the kids:



I still can't believe we get another one.  xooxoxox


  1. I love the stacked coins pattern. Your fabric selection is too cute-stitchers?

  2. Thanks, Kari. I might have some questions for you at some point! :) I got that original yard at stitcher's and then checked etsy and got a charm pack. I am adding some of my stash fabrics in to have enough.

  3. I wish I were more like you because I have no problem relaxing even when the house is a mess:)


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