february one

Excellent...a new month, already.  Despite our illnesses I am really enjoying 2010 so far and am happy to have another fresh month ahead of me. 

February Goals:

1. One pop per week (I had 2 in January...one when I was sick and one when my kids were sick...and treasured them both.  Everything in moderation.)

2.  Start feeding my compost bin again.  This will be hard, because it's cold and I am a wimp, but I feel pangs of guilt all winter when the good stuff goes in the disposal or the garbage can.  Time to put on my boots and walk around the house like a big girl. 

3.  Only eat dinner out as a family twice, only eat lunch out (with the kids) twice.  I'm not sure if we can do this but I want to try. 

4.  No facebook. 

5.  Continue the excercising.  (I did well until we all got sick...need to keep this up...it feels too good.)


I am kicking around some ideas for this spot this month.  I might go only pictures for a week and turn off the comments.  I will probably still write every day, just not post it.  Maybe post it all at the end of the week?  I'm not sure but something different sounds fun.

Thank God we are all feeling better.  xoxo


  1. Steph - please take a minute to share why you are not on fb & considering less or a change here. I, too am thinking along those lines and am interested in your reasons. Thanks! (LOVE the material on this sweet pillow!)

  2. Hey Kathy...Facebook is just another time suck for me. One that I like but it's not tops my priorities list. I would rather just check in once a week but need to get out of the habit of continually checking it like I have been. Everything computer/tv is bugging me right now as our usage goes waaaaay up when we're sick so I feel like I need a detox. I love my blog but the same thing...I was just thinking about it way too much the last couple of weeks. I probably won't stay away from here too much, though. I accepted this as a favorite past time a long time ago. :) What are your reasons?

  3. A few reasons. I, too, feel like fb is a huge time suck. I mean when I am at home visiting w/Micheal and log on to fb - HELLO? Wouldn't I/shouldn't I rather have a real conversation??? Something is wrong there.

    I both enjoy and am irritated by the 'bullet info' you find out about people or what's going on with them. Glad to be in the loop, frustrated I don't know more and can't have a real conversation with them. I'm thankful for the found relationships on fb, but hungry for more.

    I find that I begin to think in bullet points. Sometimes I feel like there is pressure (probably all in my head) to be funny or profound or something and I need to get over that.

    I want to dig deeper, chew on some hard stuff, see what God is doing in my life and around me and that's hard when I have now learned to think & write in 1-2 sentence blurbs. This is not to say I want to be narcissistic, it IS to say that I want to know who I am and what I'm about and need to stop getting distracted. I want my focus to NOT be on what anyone else thinks about me. Only what God thinks about me.

    I don't think I will stop blogging, I actually want to do more, but am also thinking about what & where my focus should be.

    Whew! There are probably more reasons, but that's probably enough here. =0)

    Oh! And I'll add that since the idea to fast from facebook raises my blood pressure noticeably (I mean, what would I DO???), that's probably another sign to get off!

  4. No FB for a whole month? Good Luck! I know what you mean about it being a time-suck though. That's why I haven't been blogging much lately, lots of other stuff to do in my "free" time:(

  5. Quit Facebook, anything just not the daily blog!!! Thanks.
    ps. Adding weekend blogs would be appreciated too J/K.


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