a first

7:05pm, the phone rings...

S:  Hello?
N:  This is Nick.  Can I talk to James?
S:  (James is in bed but I know better than to say that)  Just a minute, Nick.

S:  (going upstairs and handing James the phone)  It's Nick.

J:  huh?!  Oh, I know what this is about.  (he says coolly)

J:  Hi Nick, this is James.  (they talk about Bakugans, their value, which color James is bringing to trade with him, touch on Pokemon for a minute, and sign off.  I remind James to say goodbye.)

J:  I should talk to my friends on the phone more often.  For real.


I was sitting on the bottom bunk hugging Ruby while they talk.  She whispered, "Who is Nick?" in my ear while I had one of those brief shivery moments when you don't know whether to laugh or cry.



  1. Oh no!!!!!! I'm absolutely not ready for that situation. Even worse though if it were a little girl in love with him . . . . .
    thanks for preparing me. :)

  2. I know. There was one girl that loved him but she has since moved on because James kept telling her he was going to move to Africa. :)

    That was so cute last night. they are growing up.


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