got pants?

I've made a bunch of those little pants now (4prs...they are mildly addicting) and decided I should probably make some shorts.  The first pair turned out pretty cute, I think.

before, American Eagle size M boxers:


after, (hopefully) size 3-6 mo shorts:

The nice thing about these is how easy it will be to open up the waist band and change the elastic if needed. 

Here is another pair of pants I made from a favorite old pair of Patrick's boxers:


(they're the farm ones on the left)

Does it bother any of you that I use old underwear for my babies clothes?  :)  It doesn't bother me at all.  Boxers come in such cute fabrics!

So as not to leave Ruby out, I also got a few tanks and tshirts to turn into summer skirts for her.  Here is the first one:

(please pretend that is vertical)
(yes, that grey bump is me)

And the finished product:


(don't stand like a sausage, Ruby!)  
(only my mom will get that)

And here it is lying flat, just cut off the top, sewed a casing for the elastic, and slipped it in!  Voila!  Easy skirt that my girl may or may not ever wear.  ;)

And now an update on my goals for last week:

compost - a grudging thumbs up
pop - a happy thumbs down (patrick and I rediscovered the root beer freeze last week and never looked back)
exercise - a limber thumbs up  (I am not exercising to lose weight, as someone emailed to ask me.  I am doing mainly prenatal yoga to stretch myself out and get my body ready to push out another small human.)
eating out - um...uncertain.  I can't remember really.  I know we've only eaten out as a family once (Patrick saved my tired ass and brought Subway home last Friday night) but I don't know how many other times.  (patrick and I had brunch on Sunday and he took James to Culver's on Saturday...that might be it.)
facebook - an out-of-touch thumbs up.  I miss the chatter between my local friends as fb has pretty much replaced random emails, but I stayed away from it again last week.  I just see that I have to actually call or email someone if I want to catch up or get together.  You know, the old fashioned way.  ;)


Hmmmm.  What else?  I am kind of done typing now but I hope to record our weekend tomorrow or something.  One happy thing?  I watched Survivor online last night and it was so fun!  I haven't watched it in years so it felt really new, and since I am totally in the mood to watch TV right now, like such a treat.

I hope you all had a good weekend and a decent Monday.  Thank you for all the baby pants love.  :)



  1. yeah, her little heart skirt looks good w/her cobra t-shirt.....???? yup that's our little rubles, did you try getting her into the shower with her candy (yuk) necklace yet? love you guys....gramma

  2. What a cute idea for the skirt! Grace loves skirts - I may be off to Savers to look for some tanktops... Thanks!

  3. Love the pants and skirt. You are amazing!

  4. Hardly, Jolee, but thanks. ;)

    I like her cobra shirt, mom. At least it's hers and pink. They got their valentine's...thank you. xoxo

    Hey Kathy - any t shirt would work, you'd just have to trim & hem the one side. Tanks are nice because the width is just right but don't limit your choices. You never know what might work. :)


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