humbling moments in pregnancy

1 of 1,000,000:

-Having your 3 year old daughter try on your new underpants... front of your husband.


  1. Please tell me you had your camera handy, and the photo will be in your next post! Pretty please????

  2. Ouch!! I remember my husband trying to figure out which side was the front and which was the back. Women should get an award for these moments!!! yes, I know the reward is a beautiful new baby but seriously. Just think, you'll have some material for your crafting after you deliver ;) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  3. I'm having PTSD remembering those pregnancy underpants.

  4. Kathy: Never. I do have my limits. :)

    Susan: HAHAHA! You are one funny girl. I could probably make my baby a onesie out of them! ;)

    Teresa: HAHHAHAHA! Sorry to bring up old ghosts.

    You're all cracking me up. Now I have to go change.

  5. OH NO!!!!! Well, I am sure you can laugh (a little) about it now, right? XOXO


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