I have totally lost my will to move

I am officially out of steam.  The kids are *mostly* packed, the car seats are cleaned off, I've taken care of lots of business...but there is still lots to do.

Did I mention our oven took a big crap last Friday?  It did.  So our meals have to be stove top and I haven't defrosted my hamburger yet (to make hamburgers tonight) and I HATE defrosting meat for some reason so I am putting it off which only makes everything worse.  Also?  My daughters boots STINK.  I just ran them through the washer with vinegar (and my favorite Charlie's soap) and am hoping they can survive a tumble through the dryer.  Hmmmm.  What else can I complain about now that I have your attention???

Oh, all right.  I'll stop.  I remembered this morning that I never updated you on how I did with my goals last week.  Kathy busted me on facebook last night but I only accepted a friend request, which I've done 3x this month.  I know it would bug me if someone took forever to respond to mine so I made an allowance for that.  Otherwise, no facebook.  With composting I am doing fine and feel like I'll stick with it now until it's super easy again in the summer.  Exercise has been great as I got a lot of walking in this week already.  (good thing, too, as now it's cold and I won't even consider it.)  Pop.  Well, pop and I seem to have settled in to a twice a week rendezvous.  And I'm not talking about an 8 ounce serving here, people.  OH NO.  Have you seen the Big Buddy?  (at least I hold back from the Mega Buddy.)  Oh, and eating out?  Not so good.  Again, I'm not sure, let me think.  I know we had Culver's and Milio's (mmmmmmmMilios) and Noodles last week.  We spend SO much money eating out.  I might have to go cold turkey for March and see if we can.  Twice a week seems like a flimsy limit and I am obviously not taking it seriously. 

This is what I feel I've learned the last two months from my goals:  1.  Exercise will stay.  I love it (even in small amounts) and am honestly excited to do my beloved Yogilates again.  (even if my sister claims I only like it because of the name.)   (so??)  :)  2.  Pop will stay.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I learned nothing from skipping pop for a month except that I don't want to do that again!  OH, sweet pop.  At least I limit myself a little now.  3.  Composting in the winter isn't that hard and I will most likely keep it up.  (I just imagine moving that bin in a couple of months and seeing all that glorious compost that we made last year and knowing that I already have a better start on next year's.)  4.  I am lazy.  5.  I don't miss facebook that much but don't want to rule it out completely.  Maybe once a week for checking in?  We'll see, still pondering this.  6.  Meat free meals are not that hard or bothersome.  We have been averaging one a week without it being a big deal so I plan on continuing this route.  (of course, right now, with the oven being broken and me being #4, we are having meal free meals which is a little harder.)  7.  We eat out too much and I don't think I can go halfway here.  I need to come up with a more presentable way to present this to myself, if you know what I mean.  I know Patrick will go with whatever so I will keep thinking on it.  I would just so much rather it be an occasional special treat kind of thing instead of a regular occurrence.  Any ideas for me?

Alright.  I've had a nice long break now and all this blathering on about myself seems to have restored my energy.  (if only to make myself stop)  xoxoxo


  1. Yogilates? That's got me smiling! We don't eat out much, maybe a couple of times a month--merely because the Princess of Darkness is known to make some sudden and sweeping and LOUD proclamation of unhappiness in the midst of the meal--and keep it up until we have hastily gathered our belongings and left.


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