monday's minutiae

I spent my morning, while Ruby was at school, taking care of business.  I made a new chart for bill payment (I check them all off as I pay them every month), balanced our check book and, here's the biggie, went over our auto & life insurance policies.

I've known we were severely under-insured for, oh, about the last 4 years.  I finally have an appointment with our agent tomorrow and took the time today to figure out what we need and get some online quotes to compare with what AmFam will offer us tomorrow.  (I found this site to be extremely helpful, with tons of articles, company ratings and calculators)  I am kind of nervous to face a real life agent and not get talked into something I don't think we need.  (like our 2 current expensive whole life policies...we're definitely switching to term policies)  I do value their experience but know that they are ultimately in it to make money so I've already decided that anything she presents to me that is outside of what I know we want/need will be taken back home to ponder and research.  I already feel so accomplished!  I think I might finish my day of productivity with some...wait for it...FILING!  woo hoo!

In other productive news, we picked paint colors for the lower level!  If all goes as planned (insert hearty laughter here) we will be child-free and painting (with Mythic non-toxic paint) this coming weekend. 

Our weekend was good.  I took the kids out both Saturday and Sunday so Patrick could get some work done and we had a nice time together both days.  Somehow James talked me into new swim trunks and flip flops on Sunday, though.  I suppose we will be ready now when the warm weather is upon us.  (because it WILL be upon us some day, I promise.)  Saturday (at the zoo) was another good reminder of one thing in life that makes me the happiest:  being outside with my kids.  A very good day, that was.  This will probably always be remembered as the winter of mostly hibernation but I do plan on getting out there and enjoying any and all mild days that we have ahead of us.  (like today!)

This little slogan is from a Clark's shoe ad.  I really like it.  It's my new (exercising) mantra.

I hope your week is off to a good start.  xoxo


  1. I dread talking to our insurance agent - she tries to sell me everything too. And she's waaaay to helpful - like dropping off our policies at home so we don't have to go to her office. Good luck tomorrow :)

  2. You're so funny...wait for it...:)

    I too need to do some shopping around for insurance. Right now we have everything with one agent and I know we could find cheaper policies. Good for you for finally "getting around to it"!

    I hope your painting experience goes much smoother than ours is...still...after months. I'm changing the paint color again and we're starting over. My advice to you (not that you asked) is to paint several swatches, let them dry, and compare them in morning/noon/night lighting. Unless, of course, you've already decided on THE color...then DO NOT paint several swatched because you will only second guess your original decision.

    Finally, LOVE that motto!

    Can you tell I have plenty of time to leave comments:)

  3. Thank you, Susan. I feel I'm going to need it. I got an online quote for the auto part from Progressive and it's like half of what we pay now for nearly the same coverage.
    (and she offered to pick up Patrick's signed policy tomorrow, too!) They are wicked. :)

    Holly - I totally wasn't going to mess around with the swatches on the wall even though I've heard you should. I think we picked the colors and if we hate them we are SOL until we decide to paint again. :) But now I wonder if I should do that!! Thanks a lot! just kidding. :)

    And I am nervous about the insurance thing. Everything we have is with AmFam and I know we'll save if I break up with them a little. I need to grow a set before 10am.

    (sorry to be so crass at 7am)


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