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One of my favorite things about having a blog is looking through my archives.  Whenever a new month starts I usually take some time to look through the last 2 or 3 years of the current month.  If I'm feeling down, I can find myself thinking my life was more fun then, or that I was funnier, but I know this (probably) isn't true.  Today's drivel is tomorrow's charming memory in the archives!  It's so true.

My life is pretty much the same year after year...I like mostly the same stuff (with a few new things to add), my kids are still as adorable to me (although in different ways), I am still just as crazy about my husband (and still don't share it when I'm not...not until after it's over), I still hang out with the same group of women (with a few sweet new additions here and there and my same favorites from my past), my mom is still my biggest fan (for my blog and probably my life.  xoxo, mom.), I love my family and always look forward to seeing them, I love to read, the same smallish things still make me very's kind of comforting to see who I am so clearly, through this little blog.  (I'm sure a journal gives you the same I right, journal-ers?)

The one thing my blog doesn't make note of is the ugly thoughts I can have.  Yes, I've talked about being sad or stressed or depressed, but I'm talking about the ugly little thoughts I have that I am so not proud of.  I've learned that when I want to write a big post about how someone has DONE ME WRONG that that usually means I just need to chill out a little, take a closer look at myself and talk to God...not compose a diatribe.  Consider yourselves lucky that I have learned that.  ;)

And just like that, I am over this topic.  Another thing I've learned?  It is NOT easy to write long or well thought out posts.  Those women who do it all the time?  They deserve some real credit.

Here are just a few of my favorite things from the last 3 Februarys of our lives:


Ruby hoping family hugs die

My weekend with Sarah

watching James make stuff


 happy parenting moment

learning to play together


 my dad is so funny

my husband is so hot

oh my good Lord.  this face.

And now we return to our currently scheduled February.

What do you like best about blogging?  Please share.



  1. HAHAHA you should do this every month. This one is definitely brilliant! I had forgotten about Ruby's truck. That was the best. James has the best sense of humor. Cracking up over ruby wanting family hugs to die~hadn't heard that one yet! Say hi to Patrick for me ;) xoxo seester

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Remembering back to our weekend together last Feb. That breakfast was so good. James asked us when we were going to stop talking. You turned me on to those brown sugar almonds that they DO NOT carring in Minneapolis. I recalled that I showed you Yed's profile and was all excited about him. What a difference a year makes (I'm still just as excited), and now we are both adding to our families in 2010! Thank you for the adorable pillow and card...such a treat, and handmade by my dear cousin.
    I will visit in the spring after you have a breastfeeding routine down :)

  3. What do I love most about blogging? Feeling like I am part of a strong community of women. Definitely. I read your blog and others I favor and they give me strength when I feel stepped on, cranky and downright ugly. I am not the only one who can't BEAR to clean up after dinner one more time. I am not the only one struggling with a toddler's willfulness, or my weight, or a dark moment with my DH. Blogging gives us true insight into the lives of other women JUST LIKE US and for that, I am grateful. XOXO

  4. Allison said it very well. I love the ability to learn from and feel somewhat connected to (that sounds kind of stalkish but you know what I mean) like-minded people- without having to leave my house:)

  5. I love reading other people's blogs for the reasons Holly and Allison listed. It's a nice sense of community. I wish it was around when I was a new mama and totally overwhelmed/unable to leave the house easily. Without sounding like a total stalker-creep, Stephanie, your blog is certainly one of my favorites. I just love your little stories and your take on life. makes me smile.
    I'm enjoying my own little blog because of the journaling factor for my own sake. I've wanted to keep a journal to remember these moments which will probably fade away as new moments come. And a totally unexpected joy in my blog is the comment section. it's kind of cool when others say something about my ramblings!

  6. Seester, um, you have your OWN hot husband now. REMEMBER?! xooxox

    Sarah, I hope you will come and visit again. I loved that weekend. xoxo

    Allison, Holly & Teresa, ME TOO. I couldn't believe how happy I felt when I found blogs shortly after James was born. I wish I had started mine back then, too. There is definitely a stalker vibe to reading blogs but I think we just need to embrace it. :) (that means I feel like a stalker all the time.) xoxo


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