no time to talk

I'm busy trying to turn some of this stuff:

into more of these:


(The striped ones are the ones I made out of the sleeves of a thrifted shirt.   The green ones are NB size (5-8lb) and even though both of my kids wore NB sized stuff for at least a month, it's so hard to believe they are ever that tiny!)

(I've made these before and the crotch was always too short after hemming the top.  Add at least 2 inches more to the top than you think.  Trust me.  ;)  )

(instructions found here)



  1. CUTE! Very clever, I love them (but will NEVER have another baby to make them for so will be content to look at yours!)!

  2. Wow!! Those are adorable. Your kids fit in NB stuff? Kaylee weighted over 8lbs at birth. My Mother in law bought Kaylee NB stuff she never wore and now gave me boy NB stuff again, I don't produce small babies :)

  3. Sooo cute - I love stripes!!! You are just too darn crafty cute :)

  4. You had a vision when you found that striped shirt! Way to go Stephanie.

  5. Thanks you guys. :) Melissa - I grow tiny ones. They were both 6lbs when I brought them home. (6.5 at birth) NB stuff is such a lifesaver.

    I did, Heidi! I love stripes, too, Susan.


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