O magazine overview - march 2010

I snapped some pictures as I read through O magazine on Saturday morning and thought I'd share them here.

I know, kinda strange, but I thought it might be fun.  :)

the cover

this ad does NOT make me want to buy these jeans

oh, goodie!  I love Peter Walsh.  Remember Clean Sweep?  (happy sigh.)


man.  she's pretty.

I might be visiting this site if my, er, situation doesn't improve after baby.


I cannot stand Dr. Pill.  I never read this column.
too bad I got a new bike last year.
(I am excited to see the rest of the Liberty line at Target next month.)

this article makes a great case for organic milk, especially for kids and nursing moms.
(see how the organic labels are rated here)

now I want to go back there.

do you have someone who will listen for you like this?  are you able to listen like this for someone?  It's not as easy as it sounds but it is SO important to have and do both in your life.

There was a lot more to this issue, of course, but these were the things that struck me the first time around.  

Do you read Oprah?  I don't watch her show but do like her magazine, mainly because it has a decent amount of good articles to actually read.  It's not all eye candy, you know?  (not that eye candy is bad)



  1. The incontinence was SO bad after Jack was born that I just peed myself constantly. 5 years out and I finally do not pee myself, not even when I sneeze. LOL (I discovered from my FIL, a urologist, that the real key to kegels is doing 3 sets of 15, throughout the day, not all at once.)

  2. Two words: Bladder sling. It's like a nice comfy hammock for your bladder and I no longer pee when I cough, sneeze OR laugh. It's AMAZING, it's like a 14 year old's bladder. Of course, said hammock was hung laporoscopically, so probably a last resort. ;o)

  3. Can I sew a bladder sling, Kathy? :) Sounds heavenly.

    Sarah, thanks for the secret kegel tip. I never feel like I'm doing them right. I know, I know...tmi.

  4. This was fun! I've had this issue sitting on our counter for a week but haven't looked at it yet. I go through phases where I really like her mag. and others where she/it annoys me. Like who's going to spend $450 on slippers? Sometimes I wish it was more real-life, you know?

    Peter Walsh rocks!

  5. Stephanie--do you think the O machine would mind if I tattooed that deep listening quote ALL OVER MY BODY?!!! Seriously, I would love to link to this photo somehow on my FB page and my blog. Would you mind?

  6. Go for it, Allison. Just right click and save it. :)

  7. I love that you did this! Ughhh Dr. Phil...puh-leese. Can't. Stand. I love both of those quotes! I think I'm going to post the first one on my FB:) Thanks for sharing:) Good luck with the bladder issues- that can't be very fun:(


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