putting it all off for a few more minutes...

I've got a busy one ahead of me.  It starts with a dr. appt. at 10 this morning and ends with James' conference at 7:15 tonight.  In between we've got another stop by the insurance agency (that went well yesterday.  I think we are switching auto and staying with amfam for life & homeowners.  she got a little creepy with me when I said progressive was half the cost of them but I didn't let her talk me into anything!), early release at 12:30 for James, cleaning off the car seats so they don't mar my dad's new truck when he moves them in there tomorrow, more packing for the kids, finishing a project to send home for my dear auntie, and I can't remember the rest. 

An amazing thing is happening tomorrow.  I am meeting my father at noon and he is bringing my kids back to Duluth with him for the weekend!!  He will hand them off to my mom on Friday evening and she will meet me on Sunday to give them back.  It's a lot of driving for all of us and Patrick and I can't even believe they were willing to do this.  (except we can, really, because they're both good like that.)  We've never had even a night in our house by ourselves.  Now...we get THREE!  woo hoo!  I cooked up this little scheme during one of my worst nights of insomnia, sometime in January.  Looking back on it now, not sleeping most of that night was totally worth it.  :)

That all being said, I got a little choked up last night when I thought about coming home Thursday afternoon to an empty house.  I decided I'm going to take Hwy 12 home so I end up on the West side of Madsion and can hang out somewhere until Patrick is off of work.  As much as I love time away from my kids, I am going to miss their little selves.  Patrick has meetings on Friday so he can't take the day off.  I plan on taking care of some appointments (eye, hair, oil change) and just relaxing.  On Saturday we are going to start priming and hopefully get some paint on the walls on Sunday.  (he can paint while I am going to retrieve our charges)  Sounds dreamy.  We also plan on going out to dinner and seeing a movie one night.  I think Patrick might have other plans as well but I might have squashed them last night.

S:  In your perfect world, how often would we have sex?
P:  Once a day.
S:  I hear what you're saying and think I can compromise with you.  (long pause)  How about once every two weeks?


I'm not going to go into sex life details (you're welcome) but will say that my husband is not deprived.  We definitely are doing it somewhere between his dream number and the national average for women 35 weeks pregnant.  (which last I heard was a negative 4.)  hehehehichehe. 

I hope my Dad doesn't read this one.

Now it's time for some coffee.  xoxo


  1. I've been with Progressive for eons, and I love them. Their roadside assistance is even cheaper than AAA!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You are too funny. Have a great weekend!

    (OK, weird, I will post this anonymously b/c I somehow can't figure out how to post it with my name, but this is Teresa.)

  3. You are hilarious seester!! I hope you and your bunny have a fabulous weekend, I won't expect to be hearing from you!! You should draw a thong on your undies, like those fake tuxedo t-shirts! HAHAHAHA Love seester


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