sewing for baby

Not my baby this time, Ruby's baby.  Ruby caught on that I could sew baby stuff yesterday and a whole new world opened up in her mind.  We sat over lunch and she dictated her wish list to me as things came to her.



(furiously scribbling to keep up)
I must admit that I was extra willing to do the baby shoes first as I've wanted to try one of these patterns for so long.  I chose this one (3 seem baby footies), haphazardly reduced it, and we got to work.

Sewing through multiple layers of fleece on something so tiny was not easy.  These shoes are not pretty (to me...Ruby & Nora love them) but I got to see how the pattern works (and that it works!) and will definitely make them again for my boy.  (in cotton)

After these she immediately requested more items off of her list but, honestly, those shoes wore me out!  I managed to cut her out a (too short) scarf and that held her off until today.
This morning, first thing, she wanted Nora to have a hat, mittens, and a jack in the box.  (??)  The hat & mitts were simple enough, but a jack in the box?  That's going to have to wait.


(Nora and her peeps.  I hope they don't all suddenly feel chilly now.)

I also trimmed her bangs yesterday.  

(they were pretty long)
(much better)
And then I passed out.  ha!

Seriously, though.  I wish I had blogged or kept a journal my last pregnancies so I could look back and see if all this crap that I'm feeling is normal.  It's like I have one or two good days (where I feel mostly like myself, energy wise) and then a day or two when I am beat.  I know I need to listen to my body and rest at those times, which I am doing, but it's hard not to feel guilty about the kids.  Or James, mostly.  Ruby has me during the day, which is my best time.  James comes home at 3, which is my worst time.  I don't think he feels too neglected as I am always willing to talk or read with him while I'm laying down but nobody likes their mom in bed all the time.  (ahem.)  AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAA.  

Oh, but seriously.  I can do this, only 6 weeks left.  And then I'll be tired for another reason but I will also be newly in love and be able to bend over.  Happy days!  Other things I'm excited for, you ask?  (even though you totally didn't)

  • lying on my back
  • lying on my stomach
  • bending over and breathing at the same time
  • underwear that fit properly
  • not peeing myself so often
  • not being out of breath from coming up the stairs
  • wearing different pants (eventually)
  • no more heartburn
And now I must return to my day.  I usually go to Whole Foods every other Wednesday as they have some pretty good one-day sales on Wednesdays and I start my grocery shopping for the next two weeks with what I find.  BUT, I am kind of pooped so I'm not sure.  I think I'll see what my sidekick is up for.



  1. You are a good mom!!! Ruby's a lucky daughter1

  2. Those shoes are SOOO cute. You are good. I cant believe its only SIX WEEKS!! I am so excited to see him. xoxo seester

  3. All the tiredness is normal!!!! You are also parenting 2 other children..which can be tiring in itself. And James will be OK. Mason wasn't traumatized with all the all day sickness I had and bedrest and what not. I stressed about that most of the pregnancy, but I think we as mom's can feel worse about it than the kids do. Mason has never mentioned anything about me having to lie around all day or not being able to do as much during that time. And he is someone who would if it bugged him. :)

    Those shoes are cute and you are a good mom!


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