show and tell

Here is that pillow after it was finished.  Simple, but I thought, sweet.  It was a belated engagement gift for my sweet cousin Sarah and her betrothed, Yed.  They are getting married on April 30th!  How exciting!!!

I also made these simple rattles to send off to my sister and some other expecting & new mamas in my life.  Patrick and James thought they looked like number ones.  HELLO?  Number ones don't usually have eyes or ribbon ears.  sniff.  Men.   (these were from Lotta Jansdotter's book, Simple Sewing for Baby.)

Since I finished these things and started my blanket top I have totally lost interest in sewing.  I feel it creeping back, though.  I have been so LOW energy since last weekend but the sunshine the last 2 days is really helping.



  1. I think the rattles are adorable! And nothing wrong with getting baby ahead of the game kno9wing their numbers... ;o)

  2. they don't look anything like number 1's.:) I agree with Kathy. they are adorable. And the pillowcase is sweet. You are one talented lady!

  3. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU I received my rattle and sweet card from you!! I love it and think it's adorable, I never thought it looked like a number 1. You're so thoughtful!!


  4. ;) you're very welcome, melissa!

    p.s. the rattle is for the baby to chew on...not you. (my sister was confused by this)

  5. thank you for the pillow...we love it, you are very creative...the rattles are cute.
    what is the best news ever? get permission and share!!!
    miss you,


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