signing off for the weekend...

Hello, friends.

I have no new pictures.  I apologize.  My neighbor had Ruby over today and while I was home by her son's nap time, so Ruby could come home, she just kept her all day long.  She said she asked Ruby after lunch, when the boys (she watches her nephew as well on Fridays) were sleeping, if she'd like to come home.  Ruby told her no thanks and settled in to help her fold socks.  :)  I wasn't sure what to do so I read my book, watched Survivor and then took a nap!  Very nice.

The cable guy came this afternoon (we rescheduled the other day) and fixed our problem pretty quickly.  The cord wasn't screwed in tightly.  oh.  huh.  Sorry about that, Charter.  He was a very nice guy and explained everything to James (you know, about screwing stuff in tightly)  and gave me his own cel number in case the reception starts acting up again right away and we do need a new box after all. 

Ruby is home now and exhausted.  Patrick just texted me a baby name that I don't hate, which is a great improvement over his last 3 contributions.  I am about to make some more of that chicken wild rice soup for dinner. 

Here's to a good weekend for all of us!  (I wish I could have a little beer.  That sounds so good right now.)



  1. Enzo and I watched Survivor Friday afternoon too. Fun thing to watch in the middle of the day. I sorta have a thing for Boston Rob.

  2. Teresa - I totally wanted to post about how happy I am to see Boston Rob again! I kind of love him, too. It was so sweet when he was on the ground talking to Jeff. sigh. ;)


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