so much for that

lunch time is getting expensive with all these extra mouths to feed

I immediately fell in love with this fabric when I saw it on Saturday. On Sunday I made 2 new pillow covers because I just could not wait. It's the Frolic line and trust me, you'll be seeing a lot more of it around here. (not this particular print...the others are more for kids, if you get my drift...some might even say it's perfect for babies.)

Sometimes I put things off for a very long time...even things that I really enjoy doing.  What's up with that?


So much for no words.  I can't help it, I love to share stuff that makes me happy.  Maybe tomorrow? (not likely.  I am quite the windbag.)

Today I cleaned out Patrick's closet.  I got rid of a full garbage bag of clothes that haven't been touched in five years.  I am going to hang onto them for a while before donating...just in case he puts up a stink.  We also moved some stuff (computers) out of our room so there was room for our new dresser.  I filled it with his stuff and organized all of it.  I know he will appreciate this as he hates to do it himself and now he has a large sock drawer so finding the right pair will not be quite so challenging.  (poor baby.)  ;)

Other exciting news today?  Well, we are all feeling healthy which scores MAJOR excitement points.  (I still have a cold but it is so much better.)  Also, my neighbor offered to take Ruby on Friday so I could have a day to myself.   Um, don't have to ask me twice!  I am making no plans, though, as a lot can happen between now and then BUT it sure was a sweet offer.

I have to go do a little more underwear folding and card stamping before dinner time.  I hope your Monday was swell. 

For the record, day one without checking facebook went pretty well.  A few times I found myself wanting to click the bookmark but I just deleted it.  I should say that I do like facebook, it just is another thing that keeps me compulsively "checking stuff" while I'm online.  I don't need another reason to stay here any longer than I already do, you know?  Hopefully this will help me get myself in check. 

And no, I didn't go out to the compost bin.  But I did save our pear and apple cores and am going to do that right now!  pinky swear.



  1. I feel that way about compost in the winter too. But, I have decided that feeding the squirrels on the deck with our leftover produce is good for all. We have instant "cat and Willah TV" and I don't feel quilty, or have a stinky garbage can. I have discovered that squirrels do not like rotten grape tomatoes though, snobs.

  2. total snobs. I have also been too lazy to feed the squirrels...that is a nice alternative, though.


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