top ten things that I don't understand (today)

  1. why I am so tired today
  2. why I drool so much more with this pregnancy (I should clarify...drool so much more while I'm sleeping)
  3. why I am craving cool whip
  4. why going to the post office seems like such a chore
  5. why I want a diet coke so badly this afternoon (I am thinking this is related to number one)
  6. why I don't file this one jaggedy thumb nail that broke over a week ago
  7. how Nilla wafers can say "simple goodness" on the box but be very very bad for you
  8. why I don't have some cool whip to go with the naughty Nillas
  9. how many times I can clean up the exact same spot on the bathroom floor after Ruby doesn't quite get her pants down in time
  10. why my stomach capacity is getting smaller at the same time my cravings are getting larger


    1. That fabric is wicked cute!! Maybe you can use it to make yourself a bib! HAHAHA! I hear yah with number 10 man. A small amount of food makes me so BLOATED! I hate it, I feel like I have to fart ALL THE TIME, but I can't. And I want to eat so much badly. Whipped cream does sound good though...hmmm...xoxo seester. oh, um, nice cards...yep... they sure are...

    2. HAHAHAHAHA, good idea, seester! Or maybe a dry pair of underwear?? ha. you just wait. ;)


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