use what you have: homemade stamps

Thank God for friends.  On Tuesday Wendy mentioned the "100 Day Celebration" tshirt that the kids were supposed to make for next Monday.


Um, somehow I missed that memo.  Luckily she filled me in and James and I came up with a plan to do 100 stamps of something on his tshirt.  He suggested race cars or footballs and I thought we might have to make a trip to JoAnn's.  A while later he mentioned that we had some footballs in our collection of foam shapes.  Bingo!

Did you know those foam craft shapes make awesome stamps?  (these things)  We've done this before with a single shape glued on a wood block but for this project I wanted it to be a little bit higher as we'd be working on cotton.  I glued 3 of the footballs together and then glued that group onto a flat piece of wood (an unpainted pumpkin, actually) we had in the craft stuff.

I used Elmer's so I let it dry overnight but I think you could use it right away if you could find your hot glue gun and use that.  (unlike me)  (I can NEVER find that thing)


I was a little nervous at first that we would never fit 100 footballs onto this shirt but James had faith and said that even if there wasn't enough room on the outside that there was definitely enough room on the inside.  

Turns out they all just fit on the outside.

James loved doing this and it went pretty quickly and looks really cool, if I might say so myself.  Ruby even got in on the action with one of her tshirts.  I think this is something we'll do again.  There will just be one thing we'll do differently next time.

We won't use washable ink.

sigh.  (shhhh...James doesn't know this...I didn't realize he had grabbed the washable blue until we were halfway will be fine for next week and then we'll just make a new one.)



  1. Stephanie, his shirt is sooo cute! I'm glad you guys had fun making it. We're about halfway done with Megan's. Thanks again for letting her come over this afternoon!!!


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