vday, etc.

*I started this yesterday morning and then forgot about it in all the pants excitement.  I will continue now, for memory's sake...

I should totally be getting Ruby ready for school but she is so intently cutting paper that I can't stand to interrupt her.  Maybe I'll just give her a few more minutes...

How was your weekend?  I hope everyone either enjoyed or successfully ignored their Valentine's day.  :)  Patrick and I had a delicious brunch at a favorite place (Hubbard Ave.) thanks to Wendy watching the kids for us.  (thanks Wendy!)  We walked into a packed restaurant with a 45 minute wait and spotted 2 counter spots open.  SCORE!  We don't mind eating at the counter...adds a little something to the experience, I think.  You might have to ask a stranger for some more creamer (she looked over to see, what?, how many I had already used?!  Who died and made her creamer police??) or another stranger for some butter (it was a special occasion, stop judging me!) but it's still kind of fun.  Our food was delicious and Patrick was in a totally goofy mood and kept making me crack up.  On the way home we stopped to wash the car and he was making me listen to some 70s music (I hate most 70s music) and saying that whatever was on was his favorite song and could we please hold hands?  Maybe you had to be there but he was killing me.

After we picked up the kids we came home and I helped them clean their room while Patrick slept off our indulgence.  He woke up and I laid down for a while.  When I woke up Ruby was laying next to me with heavy eyes...she was asleep about 2 minutes later.  Little nugget.  James should have completed our family nap relay but he wasn't feeling it so much.  He's still on the team.

Before all the weekend fun, we had James' party at school on Friday.  I was there for an hour and a half and felt SO TIRED when it was over.  So tired that we came home and I retired to my bed for the rest of the afternoon.  I don't know how their teacher does it.  Man.  17 six year olds = one truckload of energy.

They sure are cute, though.

(opening their valentines)

(James was really cute about making a spot for Ruby right by him.)

So now we're back to Tuesday and it's time to get Ruby and I ready.  Have a good day!  xoxo


  1. Sweet little school parties are the best, aren't they? My kids' 1st grade teacher said she was proud that she hadn't committed any felonies yet. After 5 minutes in the room, I knew what she was talking about! Wow!


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