and the machine grinds to a halt

I am so not a machine.


Ruby just acted pleasantly surprised when I gave her lunch.  At 1:30pm.

My kids are having dinosaur chicken nuggets for dinner.

They had pizza last night and something simple the night before that, too.

I didn't sew anything today. 

I've been in bed most of the afternoon. 

I'm sneezing a lot and have a head ache. 

It's gorgeous out and I could not care less.


So, yeah.  That's how I am today.  Stuffy and sneezy and with an aching head.  I am glad I'm not swelling or I'd probably be nervous.  I am brewing some coffee and hoping that takes care of the headache as I didn't have any yet today.

I did go to the dig for an hour while Ruby was at preschool this morning and got some good stuff.  I'll show you later.  And I did sew a little something the day before yesterday that was super simple but is making me happy.  I'll show you that later, too.  Once I stop sneeezing and changing my underpants, that is. 



  1. I have had a horrible cough for the last week, I had to change underpants THREE times last night in the middle of the night that was in addition to getting up 3 times to go jealous you only have 2 weeks left...I have 10!!!
    PS. love the hospital bag and changing pad. You're brillant!

  2. oh melissa...I hope you are feeling better soon, too. Nights like that suck. xoxoox

  3. Awww...sweet Ruby- pleasantly surprised:) I hope you feel better soon. Those caffeine headaches will get you every time!

    This is Holly again- if I sign my hubby out it will make me type this over and I'm just too lazy for that!


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