the cat in the (black) hat

R:  I wish Johnny Cash was still alive, Mom.
S:  Me, too.  At least we can still listen to his music.
R:  Will you put some on?
S:  (puts some on)
R:  Is Johnny Cash in heaven with God and Dr. Seuss?  And that fish we saw at Devil's Lake?
S:  I'm sure he is.


J:  (climbing over me in the middle of the night last night)
S:  James, what are you doing?  (slightly exasperated)
J:  Just getting to where I'm supposed to be.  (as he snuggles in next to me with his head on my shoulder)
S:  (thinks to self)  good answer, kid.


  1. We love Johnny Cash- Ruby has good taste:) If we'd had a boy his name would be John (I also like Cash):) Thanks for the paint color- it must be fate...given Poppy's moon obsession and all:)


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