getting back into the outdoor groove

(Is there anything cuter than kids playing?)
(maybe kids sleeping?)


We had another fun afternoon at the park yesterday and I plan on taking Ruby for a walk after my doctor visit today.  Next week will only be in the 40s so we have extra reason to enjoy this now.

I am so sick of going to the doctor every Wednesday.  I find myself hoping baby doesn't come early so we can just do whatever we want during Spring Break, which is the last week of March.  I'm sure after the first couple of days I'll be going nuts with both of the kids home all day but it will be so nice to have a week where we don't have to wake up and be anywhere.  We also have a couple of fun things planned that I'm looking forward to...things at home.  (except for the flipping dentist.  do you think I could talk them into a house call??  probably not, eh?)

I woke up kind of grumpy, can you tell?  I am up early though, which is very nice.  Our coffee is brewing and since I made another batch of muffins last night (this time before 6pm) there are fresh muffins again.

I think I need to make time for a nap today, too.  I seem to be hitting my mid-week slump.

Have a happy Wednesday, dear friends.  xoxoox


  1. I'm looking forward to spring break too. Got a little taste (kinda) this week while keeping Ally out of school. nice :)
    Coffee and muffins sound wonderful. Take that nap, you deserve it.
    If your boy shows up early, your big kids are welcome to hang out with us for day during spring break. You and the boy are welcome too!!!!

  2. Isn't the weather just to die for?! I got a little too excited and bought a kite at Costco. Turns out you need a little wind to fly a kite (unless you're a really fast runner). But we're ready for the next breezy, sunny day:)


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