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*after a STUPID mistake with a credit card last year (thinking a balance was paid when there was really $30 left and not paying that for 4 months because I didn't open any of the statements (because I thought it was paid)) our credit rating is back up in "excellent" territory!  (I probably never blogged about this because it made me absolutely sick.)

*speaking of that, did you get your free credit reports yet?  I pull these on Patrick and I every year around tax time always using .  (that was how I found out about my stupid mistake last year.  quite the shock!  I now check our credit cards online every couple months even though they have zero balances)

*not having to make James' lunch next week!  Yay!  As the year goes on he is getting to be picky about trying new things and sick of what he usually wants.  ?  This morning he yelled at me, "That ham sandwich BETTER NOT be for me!"  Guess who earned themselves the privilege of getting up early tomorrow in order to make their own lunch?  Remind me to set my alarm.  (he said he'll just give himself 100 Oreos.  Also remind me to hide the Oreos.)

*I had some contractions last night...mostly Braxton Hicks.  I had those constantly with James & Ruby and have hardly had them at all this time so it was kind of cool.  I only had a couple of the lower abdominal ones (also my first so far) but the uterine contractions were irregular for over 2 hours.  I never thought, "This is it!" but I wouldn't have minded if it was.  I am ready now.  anytime.

* I have read a lot of good and not so good books lately.  A list:

The Outlander  (good)
The Postmistress (pretty good, not my favorite.  war is sad)
The Heights  (good but felt very familiar)
Cleaving  (returned unread.  Her Julia angle was good but to read just about her?  I don't find her very likable.)
The Gift of an Ordinary Day  (mind numbing.  she had me crying during the Introduction but then it was basically the same sentiment said over and over and over and...)
Through the Heart (different and very good)


I wrote all of that earlier and am now home from dropping the girl off at preschool.  These are the things I should be doing:

~sweep & mop kitchen floor
~wipe dried yogurt off of chair leg (just noticed this, ick)
~fold the 3 loads of laundry on my couch
~call Charter as our box is acting up again (and this time I know the cord is screwed in all the way)
~finish vacuuming
~sew another baby blanket that I cut out
~hem swaddling fabric  (I actually found exactly what I wanted for these down in my stash...thanks mom.)
~call Patrick's grandma as she won't stop calling us
~make grocery list

things I want to do:

~go lay in bed with a cup of coffee and book I am reading now that is really good but I don't remember the name of
~call seester

I am voting for something from the "want to" list.



  1. Oh no- I bet that did make you sick. Don't you think they should give everyone a one-time pas for this kind of thing? That is the best idea to make James get up to make his lunch- I will have to remember that when my time comes. Is three too young for this;) I seriously don't know how you read that much. My Charter box is acting up, too...strange. I hope you got comfy in bed with some coffee and the phone!

  2. List makers unite!!!! I'm not marking much off of mine lately. You on the other hand, are the amazing tast master!!! I seriously had to laugh when reading about calling Patrick's grandma. I had the same situation because she thought we forget to call about the birth of Ben. We named of first kid after her for crying out loud!!! A gentle reminder to her that she was very high on the priority list and the calls stopped. :)
    Here's hoping that boy comes out soon.

  3. ahem... I didn't see the MacKenzie Phillips book on your book-read list. What's the scoop? didn't dig it? I'm not surprised to hear your take on Cleaving - I got the same vibe from an article I read about that book. She doesn't seem very likable whatsoever. Glad to hear the braxton hicks are starting! How exciting to be nearing the end! I hope right now you are somewhere comfy and cozy and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! :)


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