She did it! Ruby was a very good girl at the dentist yesterday.  The hygienist loved her and said she'd like to see her again.  :)  This is what Ruby did when she asked her to show her pretty teeth.

James did great, too.  The bad news?  He has some slight decay in two areas, between molars.  :(  They said all of his teeth look great, as far as brushing (he needed hardly any scaling), and when they see this sort of decay it's usually from sugary liquids.  Hmmm.  Chocolate milk at lunch every day?  sigh.  All the hot lunchers get to pick between chocolate and white milk every day and guess what they pick?  I have agreed to let him have it because it's one way he can be the "same" as them at lunch time.  I get the low sugar Nestle Quik powder (processed on equipment with milk...not safe for everyone) but his soy milk has sugar in it to begin with.  So, we talked about some changes in that regard.  The dentist didn't seem very concerned but it made me feel like a failure.  You know, good old mom guilt. :)  He suggested James rinse his mouth out good after lunch which is something else I'll try to remind him to do.

After the dentist we stopped at the zoo hoping the tree playground inside would be open.  It wasn't.  It was windy and kind of chilly so we decided to just go in the reptile building and then leave.  After the reptile buildign we decided to just go see the prairie dogs.  Then it was the bears, then the tiger, and we ended up staying for nearly 2 hours.  It got warmer and felt less windy the longer we were there.  I was also having some good Braxton Hicks contractions so I was happy to keep walking.  :)  It was also really fun to see James trying to read all the signs and asking real questions about the animals based on what he read...who their relatives are, who their predators are, that sort of thing.  He particularly loved the small bee hive they have and I want to find a place to take him to see more of that.

Yup.  There's the baby's room...just waiting for us.  I love walking by and in that room every day.  It is so clean and peaceful.  I think that's what I love about nurseries...they remind me of the calm & peaceful times with babies...no matter how few and far between those times may actually be.

Ruby picked out a new bike helmet.  It has 2 big bugs on it and is covered in silvery webs.  This from the girl who is seemingly afraid of asian beetles this year. 

Her choice of head wear for breakfast?  A crown, of course.

The two of them were at each other's throats right from the start this morning but a half hour in their rooms (well, James was in our room) seemed to hit their reset buttons.  I have a doctor appointment at 1:30 and decided to just stay home until then...relax and enjoy the morning.  They were making me rethink that but luckily that's changed.  I'm hoping we can hang out in Madison for the afternoon and meet Patrick at a park when he's done with work for our first picnic dinner of the year.

I have to go now but there is ONE last thing on my mind today.  If I am feeling pretty good physically, which I am, why should I induce before giving him the full 14 days past due to come out on his own?  I went through this same turmoil with Ruby, too, and finally cut the cord at 9 days.  (literally, right?)  I just don't know if I want to commit to an induction at 7 days past due now.  This is the last time I'll go through this...now I kind of want to wait and pray that it happens on its' own.  We'll see what my doc says today.  Maybe I am fully effaced and dilated to 8!  ;)



  1. That ruby cracks me up! The showing the teeth picture is priceless. I was at the zoo yesterday, too! I just know we are going to run into each other at some point:)

  2. I'll pray with you for it to go the way you hope. =)


  3. Vampire Ruby!! I would vote to wait that baby out if I were you. It's not like he's going to be giant, you have perfectly sized little babies every time so far. He'll come in his own due time, making you crazy right from the beginning. Happy due date! I predict an Easter baby for you guys. :)

  4. The baby's room is so sweet. Can you tell us about the wall hangings? Are those embroidery hoops?

    Ahh, the Zoo. Our local Zoo is having an Easter Egg hunt so we are going to check it out on Sat. Plus is is supposed to be an unheard-of-78 degrees here!!! CRAZY!

    I had Ella by c-section a full-week before her due date. (sigh) I wish I could have given her more time . . .

  5. Holly - we will, won't we? :) That will be fun.

    Thank you, Erin. I appreciate that.

    Was that you, Heidi? Sounds like you. I am planning on waiting it out now unless something prevents that.

    Allison - We hit 80 today. That was crazy, for sure. I was so glad I gave Ruby those 9 days so I know I won't regret this time. xo


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