the hospital bag

I woke up Saturday morning knowing I had to make myself a new tote for the hospital.  I've been holding onto to this vintage shift dress for ages (found at the dig, of course) and decided it would be perfect as a tote.

I cut off the bottom half and turned it sideways, opening up one of the long sides of the dress as the top of my bag.  The lining was sewn to the dress (nice quality) so instead of fussing with taking the two apart, I just turned it inside out and sewed it together.  This left me with raw edges inside so I "serged" them with a small zig zag stitch.  I then took advantage of the top back of the dress, with the zipper, and made a small bag for toiletries and such.  (I am still afraid to sew on a zipper.  Tell me how stupid that is, please.)

I didn't have the perfect fabric in my stash for straps so I set it all aside until Sunday when it was driving me nuts and I decided I should just make do with something I had.  I went with a linen blend I had on hand and added a contrasting decorative stitch that would give it a bit of color.  The ultimate strap fabric would have been more of the dress but that wasn't going to happen, obviously.  I do like it this way and am happy with the size of it.  The straps are long enough that I can wear it messenger style if I want to.

Here's the little pouch full of little stuff:

I would like to take a moment to thank Heidi for this project.  She innocently asked me a couple of weeks ago if I had packed my bag yet.  WHAT?!!?!??!?!  I hadn't even thought of it so of course this threw me into a tailspin.  Thanks, Heidi.  :)

If you are like me, you might like to hear what's in the bag.  If you're not like me you can go now.  ;)

  • 2 prs pajama pants (1 new, 1 thrifted)
  • 3 new white tshirts
  • 2 nursing bras
  • 4 prs underwear
  • 3 prs footie socks
  • 1 pr new spring slippers 
  • sling
  • toiletries for me & patrick (but he will have to have his own change of clothes in his own bag and he will have to make his own bag if he wants a new one)  
  • 2 long sleeved onesies 
  • 1 sleep gown for baby
  • 2 sleepers for potential going home outfit (one of them was what James came home in)
  • extra blankets for padding car seat if he is tiny (remind me to tell you about how we almost killed tiny James the first time he was ever in his car seat)
  • tiny hat & socks
whew!  I will also bring my phone, camera, and a swaddling blanket (will tell you about that tomorrow)  (don't let the suspense kill you.).  I had more baby stuff in there but it's not like Patrick won't be coming home while I am there...he can always bring me back what we might need.  (like a margarita.)  (strawberry blended, please.)

My nose just got all tingly.  I am really ready and excited to meet our new son.  I am so thankful for him, that we get to do this one more time, and that I have really felt pretty good for the last few months.  (If I had to say how I felt overall during this pregnancy it would definitely be TIRED.  But you know how you forget labor pains?  I am already forgetting how hard this has been sometimes.)

I know all I am doing these days is talking about the baby and showing you stuff I made but since this blog is about my life and that really is ALL I'M DOING, so be it.  I wonder what will happen after he is here.  I've never had a newborn and a blog.  Built to Last didn't come along until Ruby was 6mos.  I guess we'll find out...thank you so much for hanging out with me through all of this.  xoxooxox


  1. that bag is amazing. I'm so excited for you about your new little baby. Since MY "little" baby turns 4 on Saturday, I've been reminiscing about those sweet early moments of meeting the newest family member. Ahh, bliss.

  2. How big is that bag?? You sure fit a lot of stuff in there.

  3. Awww, you're welcome! But I didn't say you needed to "make" the bag . . . . always going the extra mile Miss Creative! I can't wait to come see you guys at the hospital!!! EEEEKKKKKK!

    oh, and thanks for all those great clothes for Bean!!

  4. The bag is absolutely beautiful. You are so talented. You must teach me to sew!!! I can't wait to see the little gipper...I still remember my first look at James. He was curled on his tummy with legs under him and in the middle of a crib that looked huge because he was so tiny. He had the cutest nose ever and looked like a tiny doll. oh boy, oh boy! Praying for a wonderful birth experience and that I will get to see you and meet him in April.

  5. almost the new banner, awesome!

  6. You are putting all of us to shame with your crafty-ness and baking late a night!! And for heaven's sake girl, you're about to have a baby!!! Go put your feet up and eat something delicious :) The bags are adorable. I can't wait to meet your little muffin and to find out what cute name you've picked for him.

  7. i'm so glad that you're my daughter......
    i love you, mama mowanza

  8. xoxoxoo to all of you. And Kari, it's one of those magical fits exactly what you need. :)

  9. Love the the new header...and I sure hope you're able to continue blogging after the little man arrives!


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